5 Yummy Dishes You Can Make With Dosa Batter

by Vinita Jain
5 Yummy Dishes You Can Make With Dosa Batter

Either we get dosa batters from markets or pre-make them at home. The pre-prep often leaves us with leftover dosa batter. Analysing everybody’s appetite exactly is quite unrealistic. But, instead of wasting the dosa batter, we can make a variety of delicious dishes out of it. So, to avoid unnecessary food wastage we got you five quick, and easy recipes that you can make with the dosa batter.

1. Appe

Appe are semi-fried fritters that are soft and gooey from the inside and has a crispy outer layer. To make Appe at home you just need to add some veggies like chopped onions, coriander, green chilies, carrots, and ginger. Add some basic raw spices like salt, chaat masala, and pepper to the batter. Pre-heat the Appa pan. Put some oil in every section of the Appa pan, and semi-fry your Appe till they turn golden-brown.

Refer to this recipe to get a better idea of the consistency of dosa batter.

2. Handva

For people who don’t have an Appa pan at home. Make handva from the leftover dosa batter. The handva recipe is pretty similar to the Appe recipe. What differs is just the pan. Check out this handva recipe for help, and relish it with any chutney.

3. Punugulu

Punugulu is Andhra’s specialty. Punugulu is also known as buttermilk dumplings. Basically, they are crispy fritters made from dosa batter. Just some veggies, along with aromatic curry leaves, a pinch of soda, and all-purpose flour. Add some raw spices and deep fry them. Punugulu goes best with a hot cup of tea.

4. Vegetable Uttapam

The healthiest recipe can be made easily from the leftover dosa batter. Easy to make at home and served with coconut chutney and sambar. All you need is dosa batter and vegetable mix to make vegetable Uttapam. You can add your favorite toppings like tomatoes, onions, green chilies, coriander, etc.

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5. Pizza Dosa

Pizza dosa is a kid’s favorite recipe. And obviously, it’s a good way to feed your kids some healthy veggies. The pizza base is replaced with a thin dosa. Next goes some sauces, veggies, and loads of cheese. Idli pizza is the latest food trend to leave you screaming ‘no’!

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