‘We Are Not Machines’: Zomato’s 10-Minute Delivery Plan Cooks Up Outrage On Twitter

Zomato 10 minute delivery
by Suchismita Pal 382

On March 21, Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal had announced the plan of launching ‘Zomato Instant’ to deliver food in 10 minutes. He had added that the instant services will start first in Gurgaon from April with four finishing stations. However, the announcement was not received well by a large number of people, including politicians. Some mocked the decision, others raised their concerns about the safety of delivery agents. Lok Sabha MP Karti P Chidambaram even wrote to the Government and took to the issue to the Parliament.

Twitter Calls The Move ‘Hazardous’ And ‘Unnecessary’

Chidambaram posted a tweet stating that the new system might put immense pressure on the delivery valets. He added that the valets have no security or bargaining power. Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi took to Twitter and called the move ‘hazardous.’ Columnist and actor Suhel Seth wrote on Twitter, “The 10-minute delivery offer from @zomato is both dangerous and unnecessary: more than anything, it will endanger the lives of both riders as also people on roads and so something best avoided.”

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How Did Zomato Respond After Backlash?

Clarifying the 10-minute delivery plan, Goyal posted the following:

  • Zomato Instant to be limited to specific nearby locations only
  • The delivery service will provide only popular, standardised food items
  • There will be no promised delivery time
  • No penalties for delivery delays
  • No incentives for on-time deliveries
  • New food stations to come up to enable the delivery service only to nearby locations
  • Zomato Instant kitchen preparation time to be 2-4 minutes and distance travelled would be 1-2 kilometres in 3-6 minutes
  • 10-minute delivery to ensure that the delivery partners spend less time on the road
  • Education on road safety to be given to the delivery partners

What are your thoughts on the above?