We Visited The Picturesque Zapami And Kapamodzu Villages In Nagaland And Experienced Local Culture

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
We Visited The Picturesque Zapami And Kapamodzu Villages In Nagaland And Experienced Local Culture

Nagaland is a beautiful mountainous and landlocked state in India’s northeastern region. On this episode of Curly Tales I Love My India, our host Neha Nambiar explored the beauty of this state. She visited the state as an explorer and not a mere tourist, which means she went off-roading. She visited two picturesque villages, Zapami and Kapamodzu, in the state and also experienced their local culture. Here is a small snippet for you.

Zapami And Kapamodzu Villages In Nagaland

Neha visited one of the greenest, cleanest, and most harmonious villages in India, Zapami village in Nagaland. The village is home to stinging nettle weaving, which is done by the Chakhesang Nagas of the Zapami village. Out of the 16–17 Nagaland tribes, this tribe is known to be the most progressive tribe in India. Stinging nettle weaving is their major source of income. They know many languages, like Nagalese, English, and other dialects.

 If you wish to get an aerial view of the entire village, you can get that right opposite Zapami Baptist Church. Neha made a friend named Melwilla, who is a local in the Zapami village. She taught our anchor a line or two in their local dialect, Kejja, as well. The locals served their local delicacy, which was basically steamed squash with spinach and rice, and our anchor simply loved the smoky taste.

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A Mesmerizing And Magical Sunset  

The next destination that Neha visited was Kapamodzu village in the state. It is the fourth-highest peak in Nagaland. As she was off-roading, the drive was a bit steep, but the scenery around her was priceless. She witnessed the most mesmerising sunset and then trekked to the peak to camp for the rest of the night. The next morning, Neha relished a delicious traditional breakfast, which was steamed sesame roti with egg.

The whole trail was covered with frost as the temperatures in this village dropped very low. Neha witnessed the best sunrises and sunsets of her life here in these villages of Nagaland. Well, if you are curious to know more about Nagaland and Neha’s journey there, simply tune into the new episode of I Love My India on YouTube.

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