Welcome NEOM, Saudi’s First Oxagon Hotel With Robot Concierge & More

by Deeplata Garde
Welcome NEOM, Saudi’s First Oxagon Hotel With Robot Concierge & More

After the big announcements of THE LINE, Sindalah & Trojena, NEOM is back with a surprise. This time NEOM is launching the largest floating industrial complex in the world. *Drumrolls* Welcome Oxagon region of NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Get ready to witness a huge complex, a robot concierge and so much more at this region in NEOM.

Royal Highness Mohammed Bin Salman Announce The Launch Of Oxagon


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With cutting-edge unified port and airport infrastructure, Oxagon will be among the most high-tech industrial hubs in the world. Unveiling of the first NEOM OXAGON hotel. The first hotel in the commercial district of NEOM will open soon.

The net-zero city, which will be entirely powered by sustainable energy, will serve as a focal point for business leaders looking to spearhead change and build the cutting-edge, eco-friendly industries of the century.

The core of Oxagon’s industrialization falls into seven sectors. Each sector is supported by innovation and cutting-edge technology. Sustainable energy, autonomous transportation, water innovation, sustainable agricultural production, healthcare, and tech and digitized production are some of these sectors.

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YOTEL Is Region’s First Hotel To Be Launched


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A 300-key hotel called YOTEL Oxagon will open in 2025. and will cost around $148,000 per room, or $44 million, to construct. YOTEL began as a brand of airport sleepers for connecting flights at airports but has subsequently expanded into a newer, better brand.

It’s extremely appropriate that it’s the first launch in the business centre because the hotel chain business travellers fave.

The eco-friendly hotel typically has 30 sq m YOTEL rooms and strives to continue the giga-projects’ vision for a more sustainable, technologically advanced future.

A computerised concierge will welcome visitors. Additionally, YOTEL Oxagon will contain a networking space, a 24-hour fitness centre, and automated smart beds.

The Oxagon project’s motive is to provide shelter to 90,000 people. Expect 13% of world trade to pass through the Suez Canal.

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