What Is Amazake, A Popular Sweet Drink In Japan? What Are Its Health Benefits?

Amazake can also be a popular hangover cure!

by Ankita Mazumdar
What Is Amazake, A Popular Sweet Drink In Japan? What Are Its Health Benefits?

While the food industry is filled with pesticides and unhealthy substitutes, it is important to maintain good gut health. In recent years, markets have been flooded with fermented drinks like kombucha. It helps to introduce good enzymes to your stomach and keep it healthy and thriving. Japan has its own fermented drink, Amazake! It can be seen as a superfood and a drink which is super healthy for you. So much so that it is also used as a hangover cure! Let us know what the health benefits are packed into this special drink of Japan.

What Is Amazake?

Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink which is prepared from fermented rice. The word ‘Amazake’ translates to sweet sake; sake is another popular alcoholic drink in Japan. This can be made with both white and brown rice which is then fermented with aspergillus oryzae which provides natto. Aspergillus oryzae is a fungus, also known as kōji mold which is used to ferment miso, soy sauce, sake and more. 

The consistency of Japan’s Amazake is very creamy and thick as it is boiled for a longer period. The primary ingredient is rice, hence you can call it gluten-free. It can be served either hot or cold, depending on your preferences. In Japan, they dilute it with hot water, sieve the goodness of Amazake and drink it as a comforting drink. You may even make an alcoholic version of this drink! It is pretty versatile.

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These Are 7 Health Benefits Of This Japanese Drink

  • Amazake is solely prepared with rice, so the drink is packed with selenium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. You are naturally intaking good minerals with this Japan’s traditional drink.
  • As this drink has fungi, it helps to introduce good bacteria and enzymes to your gut which is extremely healthy for your tummy.
  • It has a high proportion of fibre, thiamin, niacin, and Vitamin B which helps with metabolism. So it can be included in your regular meal plans.
  • It is also a known as drinkable IV because the goodness of vitamins and minerals makes your upset stomach calmer and feel a lot better. 
  • Another interesting fact is that Japan’s Amazake takes a while to get digested because it has low amounts of glycemic index. Hence it keeps you full for longer hours.
  • It is a perfect substitute for sugar in recipes for people who try to maintain a low-sugar diet. Yes, you absolutely can do this.
  • Amazake is also quite popular for its anti-ageing properties! If you are aware of the rice water hack for that glass skin effect then you know this drink will also contribute to skincare.

Amazake is not just a drink, you may use it for sushi poke bowls, quinoa, desserts, dressings, and smoothies. It has a lot of potential and are you ready to explore it?

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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