What Is Assam’s Renowned Raas Mahotsav? Here’s All You Need To Know About The Traditional Drama

Locals of Assam celebrate Raas Mahotsav with pomp and glory at Majuli every year.

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is Assam’s Renowned Raas Mahotsav? Here’s All You Need To Know About The Traditional Drama

T’is the season of festivals and there are so many beautiful festivities to celebrate one after the other in these months. Assam and its people have now emerged in a surreal atmosphere of celebrating Raas Mahotsav and witnessing its glory in the most vibrant and truest form. Assam’s Majuli is the venue of this magnificent experience. Enjoying the art forms and performances about Lord Krishna and his life is always a great highlight.

Raas Mahotsav Is Celebrated At Majuli In The Grandest Way Every Year

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Pramod Boro (@PramodBoroBTR) shared some snippets of interacting with local citizens at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the Baksa Anchalik Raas Mahotsav.

Majuli is the largest inhabited river island and it becomes the host of the gala traditional event annually. This place is synonymous with the incredible cultural extravaganza of Raas Mahotsav celebrations in this Northeast Indian state. The ritual is part of the festival’s celebrations in November and the annual celebrations have kickstarted this year as well. Devotees from local places and far away are rushing to Majuli to see the grandeur of the rich art form and witness the devotion to Lord Krishna.

No place in Assam depicts Assamese Neo-Vaishnavism like Majuli, and this inhabited river island has always been a favourite to host the extraordinary festival. Be it its unique location over the River Brahmaputra or being the home to many Vaishnavite monasteries, this venue in Assam is simply the best for representing the quintessential aura of the traditional Raas Mahotsav.

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Ranjeet Kumar Dass (@RanjeetkrDass) shared snippets of inaugurating Nalbari Haat at the 90th Raas Mahotsav in Sri Sri Hari Mandir.

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How Do Devotees Celebrate This Festival In Assam?

Here are some beautiful glimpses of the Biswanath Raas Mahotsav shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform by Pallab Lochan Das (@pallablochandas).

On the auspicious occasion of the full moon in November, devotees celebrate and enjoy this festival. The locals of the region participate in this festival and perform the drama form, according to a report by Devdiscourse. They take part in Bhaona every year. Bhaona is a popular drama performance where participants play the roles of all the mythological names related to the story depicted. Thousands of devotees and viewers reach the venue every year to watch the performances. There was a great crowd outside monasteries last night where people rushed to witness the mythological dramas.

Manisha Kataki (@KatakiManisha) shared some sneak peeks of the festivities on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Different parts of Assam enjoy the day in different ways. The districts in the upper regions of the state celebrate the festival by people dressing as mythological characters for dramas. From colours to extravagant clothes to masks, different elements are worn to get the looks. In many places, idols and statues of these mythological characters are put and decorated. Just like Bhaona, devotees also visit these places to see the installations or idols and statues.

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Have you ever been to Assam during Raas Mahotsav?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Manisha Kataki (@KatakiManisha)

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