What Is Shoulder Season? Here’s Why You Should Travel During Shoulder Season

by Shreya Rathod
What Is Shoulder Season? Here’s Why You Should Travel During Shoulder Season

We all dream of travelling and exploring different places. But, despite rising inflation, there has been a significant increase in demand for tourism. This has resulted in long waiting lists for booking hotels, trains and flights. Now, would you want to go to a place with lots of tourists? Or would you like a calm, laid-back holiday trip and explore the place? Well, we have information which might help you tackle this wait for a booking. Take a look at the ideal time to travel.

Shoulder Season: Ideal Travel Time For Any Destination

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Every destination has its own peak seasons to visit. Similarly, they have their off-seasons as well. The problem that many people face is during peak seasons is that there are numerous bookings. To avoid this, people travel during ‘shoulder seasons’. Now, what does this mean? To simplify, the time duration between peak season, and off-season is called shoulder season. It varies for every location and can last for a few months or a few weeks. Let’s say summer is the peak season to visit hill stations. Whereas winter is the off-season to visit there. The duration between summer and winter is the shoulder season.

Cheaper Prices During Shoulder Season Travel

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Travel fares during peak seasons are quite expensive as compared to other seasons. There is a significant reduction in transport fares on the same flight on the same route. Like, if you notice the prices for flight tickets two weeks before any holiday, they are a lot cheaper than on the holiday. Similarly, two weeks after the particular date, you will see a drop in ticket prices. This is shoulder season for travel fares.

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Also, you don’t have to compete with reservations for hotel bookings or any event. There are fewer people, and you get the best experience of being on holiday whatsoever.

Weather Is Good

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During off seasons, weather conditions in some places are not ideal. Hence, travelling during shoulder season can help ensure that the weather is great and you can enjoy your holiday. Sometimes, weather during shoulder seasons is better than during peak season.

More Local Interactions

Certain places organise and host festivals when there are no tourists. Travelling during shoulder season can help you experience these festivals and interact with locals. If you are an explorer and love to learn about different cultures, then shoulder seasons are the best time to travel. Also, there are not many closures that you see during off-season.

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These were some benefits that you can avail yourself of while travelling during shoulder seasons. So, get your getaway destination and find its shoulder season.

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