What Is Toddy? Here’s How It Is Consumed In Different Parts Of India

by Sanmita A
What Is Toddy? Here’s How It Is Consumed In Different Parts Of India

A mild alcoholic brew you locally find in Southern states of India is prepped after fermenting the sweet sap from palm trees. This mild alcohol is known as toddy locally and is done by toddy tappers organically. The making of coconut liquor has been going on for centuries. If you visit the beaches of Goa and Kerala, you will find many local shacks which sell this delicious and much-famous alcoholic brew.

Sweet & Mildly Alcoholic: Toddy Is Consumed In Varied Ways Across India

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Toddy is prepared in various ways across India and known by multiple names. In Northeast India, in states like Assam, the local brew is prepared by filling the rice to ferment in bamboo plants. People in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Goa initially engage in preparing the same.

It is also considered very famous among foreigners who visit the southern states for travelling. Tapping this liquor is deemed to be a rigorous task, and as per multiple news reports, the tapping practice is slowly decreasing in India.

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Consumed Mostly In Southern States

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The toddy-making business is slowly fading among the newer generation in Goan villages. However, it is an alcoholic brew enjoyed to a large extent. The drink must be consumed before it becomes a tangy mix. In a few parts of the country, this drink is also considered a super nutritious drink which sometimes keeps one away from various colds.

It is also believed that the drink is best when consumed fresh and gives a taste, that is indescribable. Also, the mild beverage is further distilled to convert into vinegar. In Goa, people also use vinegar from coconut toddy to prepare other kinds of dishes and meals.

Next time, you are visiting these Southern states, make sure you try the freshly brewed, delicious toddy made from coconut. Let us know in the comment section below.

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