Ep. 1: Sonal Chauhan Puts Her Head Inside The Fridge When She Is Feeling Hot!

by Trishana Goswami
Ep. 1: Sonal Chauhan Puts Her Head Inside The Fridge When She Is Feeling Hot!

During this lockdown, we have been sharing most of our time with our fridge. Be it taking out fresh vegetables to cook something or looking for something to eat in the fridge. From morning juice to midnight hunger pangs, it’s that one thing that comes to our rescue, our fridge.

In this brand new series of Curly Tales, ‘What’s In My Fridge?’, Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan reveals that her fridge has become her best friend. It’s true for all of us, though, right?

1. Favourite Corner


Like all of us, actress Sonal Chauhan is spending most of her day around her fridge. So much so that her fridge has started talking back to her. She reveals the favourite corner of her fridge is the one filled with cakes, she has 2 cakes in her fridge that she digs into every now and then.

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2. Must-Haves

She loves hogging on Doritos, which is her ultimate comfort food. But when she decides to indulge in occasional cooking, she makes the most of the cheese and ghee that sits on the shelves as well.

3. Weird Habit

Some of us share sentiments with our fridge as well. Sonal says, “Whenever I come from outside and it’s humid out there, I put my head inside the fridge and feels the cold. That is the most amazing feeling.” Weird, but cute no?

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4. Favourite Fruit

She is obsessed with fruits and no points for guessing what her favourite fruit is because it is quite a popular one: Mango. The mangoes come directly from the farm and that’s how she likes it. Apart from this, she loves fresh orange juice.

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5. Good, But Not Food

You know how fridge is meant to store food items but we Indians love to innovate with this as well. Similarly, Sonal has one section reserved for her skincare products which has different kinds of sheet masks. She absolutely loves them and ensures that she continues to collect new ones.

She also has a section for protein shakes and protein bars in her fridge, that is stocked up with different flavours; which she likes to have post workouts. Sonal reveals, “Protein bars are a great meal replacement.”

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6. Best Food Companion

One other thing she is obsessed with and has a bottle of it in each compartment of her fridge is honey. Honey has multiple benefits and is great for the skin too. Sonal also uses it as a key ingredient for every mask that she makes.

The list doesn’t end there though. There will always be something that we have in our fridge that we have no idea about how it got there. Celebrities have that moment too. Every now and then, once she opens the door, she will look at something absolutely unexpected and wonder, ‘what the f**k is it doing there.’

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