When Domino’s Used To Give Printed Coupons & Pamphlets, Netizens Are Feeling The Nostalgia

by Shreya Rathod
When Domino’s Used To Give Printed Coupons & Pamphlets, Netizens Are Feeling The Nostalgia

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)like Domino’s were not always tech-savvy, but they were just like any other restaurant taking home delivery orders through phone calls instead of apps! But now, with updated technologies, these Quick Service Restaurants have become more advanced. There are no more printed receipts and pamphlets and you are asked to give feedback via website links. And remembering these changes, this Twitter user tweeted about the old methods that were used by these restaurants. 

Twitter Users Get Nostalgic Over Domino’s

Do you remember receiving pamphlets from Domino’s? They were sent with the morning newspaper and were printed in a specific colour palette. Moreover, there was a list of home delivery items that were stated on them. And at the restaurants, they used to provide coupons! But as much as we remember and love the old style, digitalisation has taken over everything. 

And remembering this, a Twitter user @smrithicore tweeted, “She remembered how the Domino’s used to give little coupons and pamphlets with every order”

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Now we don’t get bills, coupons and pamphlets on paper, but they are now stored in our email inboxes that we never care to open. Domino’s was the spot where everyone celebrated their birthday parties. And remembering these memories makes us nostalgic. But Netizens are on a full power dose and hitting them hard!

Netizens’ Reaction To The Nostalgic Tweet

Netizens are going through a nostalgic time remembering every little thing before digitalisation started spreading its wings. One of the users stated that he remembers the coupons that were given with every order. Another user wrote about the time when she used to ask for coupons from the neighbours every time she wished to order stuff.

In India, many of us don’t remember what these coupons and pamphlets were as places like Domino’s were meant for special occasions. Digitalisation has changed everything around us. Though payments are easy, accessibility is increased and the world is becoming smaller, there are several things we miss that shaped our childhood.

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And there is nothing more painful than watching our old memories being replaced by new ones! 

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia