Will B’luru Motorists Now Pay Congestion Tax? Report Gives A Possible Solution For Traffic Woes

Congestion tax
by Tooba Shaikh

Anybody who lives in Bengaluru knows how terrible the traffic is. Lakhs of people, every day, waste many hours stuck in traffic. It also ends up affecting public transport on roads. In order to solve these traffic woes, a report suggested that the city should levy a congestion tax on vehicles. This will not only help in inhibiting traffic but will also help raise money to further improve public transportation. Here’s what you need to know about this piece of news.

Report Suggests A Possible Solution To Ease Traffic Woes

Congestion tax

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In order to improve the terrible traffic congestion that the city of Bengaluru is plagued with, the Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics Department of Bengaluru came up with a possible solution. In a report titled ‘Karnataka’s Decade – Roadmap To $1 Trillion Economy,’ they suggested imposing a congestion tax as a method to curb traffic.

The report was released on September 22 and it highlighted measures that can be taken to address the terrible traffic congestion in the city. According to an article recently published in Hindustan Times, around 1.2 crore citizens waste around 60 crore person-hours each year.

Not just this, but as much as 2.8 lakh litres of fuel per hour is utilised owing to traffic jams. Every day, around 12 million vehicles travel into Bengaluru. Levying a congestion tax by utilising the FASTag system will aid in reducing traffic jams.

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Will Bengaluru Now Impose A Congestion Tax?

Congestion tax

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The report also suggested a few high-density places where the tax could be levied. These include Bannerghatta Road, Bellari Road, Hosur Road, Kanakpura Road, Mysuru Road, Old Airport Road, Old Madras Road and Tumukuru Road.

Cities like London, Stockholm and Singapore have levied such taxes before so it is definitely an avenue worth exploring. The money from the tax can be utilised to improve the existing public transport system, making it a more appealing option for people.

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Do you think this will be a good move? How effective do you think it will be if it is implemented? Let us know in the comments below!

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