With No E-Visa Facility At Goa’s Mopa Airport, International Tourists At Risk Of Deportation

by Shreya Shriyan
With No E-Visa Facility At Goa’s Mopa Airport, International Tourists At Risk Of Deportation

In what could be considered bad news for Goa’s tourism industry, the Manohar International Airport (MIA) also known as Mopa Airport, has some changes. The airport will not be providing an e-visa facility to international tourists. The news comes just two months before the tourism season begins and a substantial number of flights have been redirected from Dabolim to Mopa.

No E-Visa Facility Available At MIA/Mopa Airport

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As per an official statement given to The Goan, the report stated that MIA, Mopa will not offer e-visa access for international guests. The e-visa service will only be available at Goa’s Dabolim airport, stated the report. 

As per the report, Air India had informed that guests arriving at GOX (Mopa) airport will not have access to the e-visa facility. This was for the guests arriving in India, until further notice. The e-visa permission to land in Goa is solely applicable to GOI (Dabolim) airport. And not for the GOX (Mopa) airport. 

The Goan reported that immigration will reportedly deport any passenger found arriving at GOX with an e-visa, back on the same flight. This poses a significant challenge to the travellers, considering the visa difficulties that have been imposed.

As per a TOI report, GFP MLA Vijai Sardesai during a session of the Zero Hour, had raised the question of the visa issue. He said in his statement that Air India flights arriving from the UK were shifted to Mopa airport, where the e-visa facility was not available.

In his statement, the MLA added that authorities were charging passengers an additional visa fee. This was in the absence of the e-visa facility, stated the report. He mentioned that passengers arriving at Mopa Airport were being subjected to a “temporary visa fee.” He also said that the issue had been going on for the past three days, reported Times Of India.

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What Did The Others Have To Say?

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In response to his concerns, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on August 8 assured the House. He said that he would look into the e-visa matter and find a solution, reported The Times Of India. 

Goa’s Mopa Airport is a significant airport for international tourists who want to visit the popular destination.

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 The lack of e-visa provisions at MIA, Mopa presents a notable challenge for overseas visitors intending to discover Goa. The current limitation, confined to e-visa availability solely at Dabolim airport, highlights the need for swift attention from relevant authorities.

This is to ensure a smooth and satisfying journey for travellers opting to explore the dynamic allure of Goa.

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