Witness The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse Of This Century On Nov 19; Here’s How

by Suchismita Pal
Witness The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse Of This Century On Nov 19; Here’s How

Skygazers! Get ready to witness the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century. Yes, the lunar eclipse taking place on November 18 and 19 will be the longest one between 2001 and 2100. The duration of this celestial event will be around 3 hours and 28 minutes and it will be visible to spectators from all across the globe. At around 4 AM of the Eastern Time Zone ( 1:30 PM November 19 Indian Standard Time), the earth will come in between the sun and the moon. The moon will partially slip into the shadow of the earth. But 97% of the moon will appear splendidly red.

Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse Of Century
Picture Credits: The New York Times

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People From Different Parts Of The Earth Can Witness The Sky Event

The partial lunar eclipse will take place on November 18 and 19. People from different parts of the world will be able to witness the sky event at different times depending on the time zones. The event can be best viewed from the east coast of the US. Those in North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Australia and the Pacific Region will also be able to see the eclipse.

On solarsystem.nasa.gov., NASA wrote, “A partial lunar eclipse is on the way, taking place overnight on November 18th and 19th, when the Moon slips into Earth’s shadow for a couple of hours. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible from any location where the Moon appears above the horizon during the eclipse. Depending on your time zone, it’ll occur earlier or later in the evening for you.”

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Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Had Occurred Three Years Back

Three years back, on July 27, 2018, the longest total lunar eclipse had occurred. The duration of the event had longed for around 1 hour 42 minutes. And the November 19 event will be the longest partial lunar eclipse. In case you are unable to witness the event from your location, you can watch the live streaming of NASA. So, all those who’re enthusiastic about the sky and the cosmic world, mark your dates right away.