Woman Eats World’s Sourest Candy; Netizens Call Her ‘Possessed’ Seeing Her Reactions

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Eats World’s Sourest Candy; Netizens Call Her ‘Possessed’ Seeing Her Reactions

Who doesn’t love to eat candies? From fruity to salty to sour, there are endless options of candy available in stores around us. We have many memories of these squishy delish delights. While most of us prefer the sweet ones, there is a huge range of sour candies also available in the market and there are many people who love the sour taste. A video of a woman tasting the world’s sourest candy is going viral and Netizens are going ROFL.

Content Creator Tried The World’s Sourest Candy!

Taking to Instagram, a creator named Underrated Hijabi (@underratedhijabi) shared a video of her trying the sourest candy in the world. The video is going viral on Instagram for all the right and the funniest reasons.


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The creator shared a video explaining the packet of the sourest candies and even tried some as well. Known as the Black Death, there is a warning added to the packet of candy. These candies are not suitable for anyone under the age of 8 years. The candies are a blend of gray and blackish shades in colour and the woman called it to be scary. “It is made of glass and concrete”, she added.

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After she popped in one candy, she literally started to get bad reactions ASAP. She was shaking and doing some physical movements due to the extreme sourness. Not just moving here and there in her car seat, but she was making some sounds after trying the candy. To describe the taste and the feeling after eating, she said that it felt like a metal road at the back of her throat. It looked a bit painful but she gave it a try once again and the reactions were exactly the same. She was screaming a lot and that has left a lot of people a bit scared.

Netizens Are Laughing Hysterically Seeing Her Reactions

World's Sourest Candy
Picture credit- Instagram/ Underrated Hijabi (@underratedhijabi)

It has been only 4 days since the content creator uploaded this hilarious video trying the sourest candy in the world and it has been making rounds on the Internet ever since then. The video has already garnered more than 2.2 million views with over 162K likes and 5K comments.

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Would you dare to try the world’s sourest candy?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Underrated Hijabi (@underratedhijabi)