Croissant Baked In The Shape Of Shark! Netizens React To Croisshark & Say “I Want To Eat This”

by Shreya Ghosh
Croissant Baked In The Shape Of Shark! Netizens React To Croisshark & Say “I Want To Eat This”

It is true that social media platforms come with a lot of disadvantages. The list of cons includes peaking into our privacy, addiction to mobile, trolling, reading fake news, hampering our concentration, and so much more. In between all these, the positive aspect is that these platforms are great for entertainment and to see new and unique things. We just came across fun fusion pictures of Croisshark and it looks surprising!

We Are Obsessing Over This Viral Croisshark!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, messed up foods (@messedupfoods) shared images of a croissant that looks exactly like a shark, but a small version. The mini shark-shaped croissant looks very cute and appetising at the same time.

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a delish croissant? The buttery and flaky pastry melts in the mouth with every bite and foodies cannot get enough of this viennoiserie food item. Our love for croissants is only increasing and the hype and demand for this pastry in every cafe is proof of its emerging popularity.

Images of a croissant baked just like a shark are making rounds on the Internet and Netizens seem to find the unexpected crossover of these 2 things into croisshark quite amusing.

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In the comments of this post, some Internet users have posted images of some crossovers related to food as well.

Mini.Katana (@minikatanastore) shared a picture of a lip-smacking bread that looks just like a bear with a set of abs. Glazed with butter, the bear-looking bread looks quite cute as well. Will you eat something like this?

Francy Styles | saw Harry | next Louis, Niall (@francy_walker) shared a photo of another crossover and it is simply mind-blowing.

Some people feel like the objects in this picture are not made of any edible ingredients. Rather, these objects are made of clay.

What Do The Netizens Think Of The Viral Fusion Of Croissant & Shark?

It has not been long since the pictures of the croisshark were shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. Shared on September 27, 2023, the viral pictures have gained more than 17 million views with almost 455K likes and thousands of comments. The comment section looks to be quite exciting as most Netizens are finding this pastry to be interesting. Not only people are finding the shark-shaped croissant to be fascinating, but there are many who actually want to try it.

From “omg 🥹 I love it to “I am eating it anyway”, the comment section looks awesome.

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Do you find the croisshark to be impressive just like us? If yes, do let us know how you liked it. Also, are you ever going to taste a pastry or bread in the shape of an animal?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ messed up foods (@messedupfoods)