Woman Wearing Desi Outfit And Ghunghat On A Beach Amid Bikini-Clad Woman Go Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Wearing Desi Outfit And Ghunghat On A Beach Amid Bikini-Clad Woman Go Viral

When you are planning your vacation to a beach, what are the things you pack in your bags? We guess you grab your sunscreen, comfy slippers, sunglasses, and the prettiest swimwear. Well, this is what most people do, but a woman and her desi outfit on a beach are grabbing all the attention. It takes confidence to travel to international destinations and represent your culture by wearing your culture’s outfits in public places. And this is what a woman did and netizens are loving it.

Woman Wears Desi Outfit And Ghunghat On A Beach Amid Bikini-Clad Women

Beaches are mostly crowded with men wearing shorts and women wearing bikinis to enjoy the tropical sunshine. But a woman chose to visit a beach wearing a desi outfit with a ghunghat (veil) on her head amid the crowd of bikini-clad women surrounding her. She wore a beautiful red saree and paired it up with a bright green blouse. She truly was the unique tourist there and she stood out from the crowd because of her interesting choice of outfit. It takes confidence to adorn six yards of elegance on a beach among foreigners and this woman did it beautifully with grace and poise.

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A Twitter user named Rishika Gurjar @Rishikagurjjar uploaded a clip of the woman wearing an Indian traditional attire and it is making rounds on social media.

The video garnered quite some traction and the netizens shared their appreciation for the woman in this video on Twitter. They are very impressed by her desi outfit. In just 2 days, the views reached 115K views and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Some Twitter users praised heaps on the woman and how she chose to take forward her traditions and culture in a foreign land. A user wrote, ‘She has grace, confidence, faminity and charm’ and another commented, ‘Perfect ….that is sanskar’. On the other hand, some even responded with hysterical comments about the video.

Here Are Some Of The Reactions Of The Twitter Users: