Woman’s Special Gift To Fitness Enthusiast Boyfriend Has Netizens Saying, ‘Bro Winning In Life’

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman’s Special Gift To Fitness Enthusiast Boyfriend Has Netizens Saying, ‘Bro Winning In Life’

The process of choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones is always such a difficult decision to take. Be it for parents or family members, friends, partners, or someone else, choosing a great gift for our near and dear ones is a major task for everyone. Well, selecting perfect gifts gets easy if you know what they really love and want. A video of a girlfriend gifting something special to her fitness enthusiast boyfriend is going viral.

This Woman Gifted The Most Fantastic Gift To Her Fitness Enthusiast Boyfriend

Taking to Instagram, digital creator Siddhant Chauhan (@fitness_fashion_by_zyzztony) shared a video of her girlfriend Kanica Bisht gifting him the most thoughtful gift.

The viral video begins with the woman walking to a car parked on the road. She is seen carrying a huge black dabba. After she enters the car, she gifts the big container to her boyfriend. The gift is a container of isolate protein. Getting the amazing gift, the fitness enthusiast’s boyfriend gets really excited and hugs and kisses his partner. People who are so passionate about fitness know the worth and also the expensive price of protein. The video looks so wholesome.

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Sharing the video, Siddhant Chauhan added a text in the video writing “Bracelet to sab dete hai, meri wali to protein deti hai. Wo bhi Isolate. (Everyone gives bracelets, but my girlfriend gifts me protein. That too, isolate.)”

Netizens Are In Love With This Idea

Fitness Enthusiast Boyfriend
Picture credit- Instagram/ Siddhant Chauhan (@fitness_fashion_by_zyzztony)

Netizens are surely impressed with Kanica’s gifting idea for his fitness enthusiast boyfriend. Shared about 2 weeks back, the viral video has already garnered almost 2 million views with over 144K likes and thousands of comments. The comment section is all about Instagrammers wanting an amazing partner like Kanica.

An Internet user wrote, “Aisi bandi to mai bhi deserve karta hoon”. A comment read, “Bro winning in life 😢🙌”. Another user commented, “Girl in parallel universe 🤧”. Someone wrote, “Bas itna khayal rahne wali girlfriend to main bhi deserve krta hu”.

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This surely looks like the most perfect gifting idea for every fitness enthusiast boyfriend and girlfriend. Are you going to present this to your loved ones?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Siddhant Chauhan (@fitness_fashion_by_zyzztony)