More Women Joining As Food Delivery Personnel

by Madhusree Chatragadda
More Women Joining As Food Delivery Personnel

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Many initiatives have come to light that are increasingly helping women join the workforce and take up otherwise male dominated positions. We now see women auto drivers, women cab drivers and now women are fast joining delivery systems such as food delivery apps like Swiggy!

What Is It? 

HeyDeeDee, a Mumbai-based startup, encourages and trains women to work as delivery persons to gain a new profile as well as be able to earn an extra bit of income . It creates more jobs for women by breaking gender barriers and infiltrating fields that are otherwise male-dominated and not considered to be ideal workspaces for women.


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What’s In It? 

The company recruits women from NGOs and trains them over a period of 45 days in both driving bikes as well as cars , whichever skill their job profile might demand . Currently , the startup includes almost 300-400 women enrolled in this programme with Swiggy as the top hirer of women for their food delivery system .

Their motto is to ” Change the way India delivers!”