Women Friendly Liquor Shops To Be Set Up In Madhya Pradesh

by Sanjana Shenoy
Women Friendly Liquor Shops To Be Set Up In Madhya Pradesh

Women! Going to liquor shops can be quite a task. From shopwalas to male customers staring at you can make you feel a tad bit uncomfortable with the situation. The shops are quite cramped and shady, and you’re often on the lookout for a creepy man with non-consensual advances. So you might decide to take your gang with you or maybe send a male friend to do the deed. But now, the Madhya Pradesh Government has come up with a great solution for women who wish to purchase alcohol from a shop. The state is all set to introduce women-friendly liquor shops in the cities so women can have a comfortable liquor shopping experience.

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What’s In It?

The report suggests that two stores dedicated to women will be opened in Indore and Bhopal. The cities of Jabalpur and Gwalior will have one women-friendly theka each. Local liquor brands which are not registered with the state won’t be sold in the shops. These women-friendly liquor shops will take at most care to ensure that they stocked up with high-end foreign liquor brands, which are loved by women.

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A government official stated to TOI that there won’t be additional duty claimed on these foreign liquor brands. They will be brought after paying duty from other countries. He further added that these liquor shops will be open markets for the sale of expensive liquor in Madhya Pradesh.

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What’s More?

ICP Keshri, the Additional Chief Secretary, of the Commercial Tax Department stated that these liquor shops will have foreign liquor brands that were never sold earlier in the state. Madhya Pradesh will also be organizing wine festivals in cities like Gwalior, Indore and Bhopal. However, liquor prices in Madhya Pradesh will witness a rise of 15%  from 1st April. The government is planning to generate ₹2000 crores of revenue from excise this year. Well, women, this is definitely a piece of news to rejoice. And we hope that other state governments will also create women-friendly liquor shops like these. Did you know Asia’s Largest Liquor Boutique, Tonique Is In Bangalore?