Women’s Day: Pakistan’s AirSial Flight Gives Personalised Pastries To Ladies, Says “Men Will Have To Wait Today”

by Tooba Shaikh
Women’s Day: Pakistan’s AirSial Flight Gives Personalised Pastries To Ladies, Says “Men Will Have To Wait Today”

It is international women’s day and companies, both small and big, are trying their best to show how much they appreciate women. AirSial, a Pakistani airline, celebrated international women’s day the right way. Every other corporation should take notes. AirSial celebrated women’s day by giving out free pastries. And that’s not all, each pastry was personalised with each female passenger’s name on it. A passenger who was clearly very impressed by this, shared a picture.

Pakistan’s AirSial Does Women’s Day Right

AirSial is a Pakistani airline. Recently, this airline decided to celebrate women’s day in the best way possible: by giving out free pastries. Desserts are arguably the best part of a meal. Not only that, but they make for a great gifting option. If you want to surprise someone with a gift, you can never go wrong with a dessert.

Someone on the AirSial staff was clearly in the know about this little piece of knowledge and they decided to put it into practice. The female passenger who was impressed by this move, took to Twitter to tell everyone about this delightful surprise.

The tweet, which is only a couple of hours old, is accompanied by a picture of the pastry in question. She narrated the tale in the tweet saying that she was asleep on the flight when a stewardess woke her up and asked for her name. Following this, the passenger received a delightful surprise in the form of a pastry with her name on it, literally.

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Men Asked To Wait & Women Were Served First

If this gesture didn’t warm your heart enough, this isn’t where the women’s day celebration ends. The tweet also went on to specify that throughout the flight, the female passengers’ needs were prioritised and the stewardesses kept on saying that the men would have to wait.

The tweet was posted on the micro-blogging site by the user Sophia Hasnain. Since it was posted this morning, the tweet has garnered over 31.8 thousand views. The people on the Internet were clearly touched by this gesture and they reacted as such.

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Cover Image Credits: @SophiaHasnain/Twitter & @AirSial/Instagram