Wondering How To Dine At Burj Al Arab For Just AED 200? Check These Two Options

by Deeplata Garde
Wondering How To Dine At Burj Al Arab For Just AED 200? Check These Two Options

Dubai, the city renowned for its luxury and extravagance, proudly houses the world’s exclusive seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. With its iconic sail-shaped design, this hotel symbolises luxury like no other. What if we told you you could bask in this lavishness for a mere AED200? Yes, it’s true!

Here Are Two Spots In Burj Al Arab To Dine For Just AED 200


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Sahn Eddar: Embrace Elegance on a Budget

Nestled on the hotel’s first floor, Sahn Eddar is a lounge that greets you with an atmosphere of laid-back sophistication. For a minimum spend of AED200 per person, you can treat yourself to an array of beverages and pastries. A must-try is the Burj Al Arab gold cappuccino, priced at AED120. Complement it with a delectable pastry from their trolley. Options abound, including mango cheesecake, tart of the day, pistachio religieuse, and more, all priced at AED80. The relaxed dress code enhances the casual vibe, making it an ideal spot for a coffee rendezvous or an informal business meeting.

SAL: Mediterranean Delights by the Seashore

If you crave a beachside setting, SAL beckons. This chic restaurant and beach club offer captivating views of the Arabian Gulf and grants access to the pool. For as little as AED195 per person, you can relish a set lunch menu that promises a gastronomic voyage through the Mediterranean. The vibrant flavours combined with the awe-inspiring vista ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

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A Few Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting The Ultra-Luxe Venue In Dubai


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While these options offer an affordable glimpse into the Burj Al Arab world, remember that they are subject to availability, so booking in advance is advisable. Additionally, bear in mind that the minimum spend amounts mentioned are basic, and any additional orders will augment the final bill.

In conclusion, savouring luxury dining at this venue no longer necessitates emptying your wallet. Thanks to Sahn Eddar and SAL, you can sate your appetite for opulence for just AED 200. Whether you’re a tourist seeking to immerse yourself in Dubai’s grandeur or a local seeking a special treat, the Burj Al Arab’s dining experiences are now within your grasp.

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