World’s Second-Largest Blue Hole Discovered Off Mexico’s Coast; All You Need To Know About It!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
World’s Second-Largest Blue Hole Discovered Off Mexico’s Coast; All You Need To Know About It!

I am sure all of you are aware of the  Dragon Hole in the South China Sea, the world’s deepest known blue hole. Its discovery had taken the entire world by a storm. Well, it looks like we found the second-largest one. The second deepest blue hole has been found lurking off the coast of Mexico. It is believed that it might help researchers learn about the secrets of life on other planets. 

World’s Second-Largest Blue Hole

Blue holes are large underwater sinkholes. The recently documented gargantuan sapphire sinkhole is termed the world’s second-largest blue hole. It has now been named “Taam Ja” in Mayan, which means deep water. 

This blue hole was discovered back in 2021 but has recently been documented by Frontiers in Marine Science, a known scientific journal. 

The recently discovered blue hole, according to LiveScience, is situated in Chetumal Bay, off the coast of Mexico. The 147,000 square foot undersea cavern is around 900 feet deep. It has nearly 80-degree slopes on its steep sides. The cavern’s entrance is around 4.6 metres (about 15 feet) below sea level. (As per The Economic Times)

We might find more information about the enigmatic beginnings and development of these breathtaking underwater formations when researchers explore deeper into the Taam Ja’ Blue Hole.

blue hole
credits: wikimedia commons

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Originated During The Ice Age

Because of their depth, deep blue holes typically have a darker shade of blue than the surrounding sea water and are typically found in shallow marine environments. They are thought to have originated during the Ice Age, when sea levels were up to 100 to 120 metres lower than they are today. 

The Dragon Hole in the South China Sea, the largest known blue hole in the world, is 980 feet deeper than ‘Taam Ja’. This discovery is under investigation and will hopefully reveal some new secrets about alien life.  (As per Times Now)

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