Would You Try This Egg Sandwich That’s Loaded With Green Chillies & Dollops Of Butter?

by Tooba Shaikh
Would You Try This Egg Sandwich That’s Loaded With Green Chillies & Dollops Of Butter?

People on the Internet, especially the food side of the Internet, often challenge (or punish) their taste buds with extreme food challenges. More often than not, these challenges involve spicy food to test your spice tolerance levels. You must have seen viral videos of people sweating through a bowl of spicy Korean ramen or eating raw spicy chillies. If you’re looking for something like this to punish your taste buds, we’ve got a challenge for you. Try this egg sandwich with green chillies.

Extreme Food: Egg Sandwich Loaded With Green Chillies

In a recent viral video, a man making what is clearly an extremely spicy sandwich can be seen. He is seen making a sandwich that is sure to customers the runs. The major ingredient of this “sandwich” is green chilly, and lots of it.

In the now-viral video, the man is seen cracking two eggs in a bowl. He then proceeds to whisk them and adds a handful of chopped onions. He makes sure to specify that when he says handful, he means handful. He says to the camera that he doesn’t pinch the bowl of onions but rather, fills his entire palm with it. 

Then comes the part that had our jaws dropped. He proceeded to take an even bigger handful of chopped green chillies. Ufff, we felt the tingle on our tongues just by looking at all that mirchi! He then sprinkled a whole bunch of salt, chilly powder and a mystery spice into the omelette mixture.

He then added a giant chunk of butter to the pan and poured the mixture. Then, he added two pieces of bread and topped it with, you guessed it, more green chillies. Because clearly, this is what the sandwich was lacking. If you do decide to try this, we wish your gut and your toilet all the best.

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Internet Reacts With Concern & Funny GIFs

Many Netizens reacted with concern. They were worried that such a sandwich will cause nothing but harm to a person’s health. Some, however, found the perfect GIF for the image. Take a look to have a nice laugh.

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Would you try this extremely spicy food challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @chiragbarjatya/Twitter