X User Posts Video Comparing Speed Of Vande Bharat With Mithila Express, Can You Guess Which One Won?

An X (formerly Twitter) user posted a video of Vande Bharat running parallel to Mithila Express and the internet is in awe of Vande Bharat’s speed.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Posts Video Comparing Speed Of Vande Bharat With Mithila Express, Can You Guess Which One Won?

In 2019, India got its first Vande Bharat Express. This semi-high speed train service has since then changed the face of Indian Railways. From reducing travel time to providing world-class service, Vande Bharat has it all. Now, in a viral video surfacing online, this train service has proved its might yet again! A user on X (formerly Twitter), posted a video comparing the speeds of Vande Bharat and Mithila Express. And as you can guess, Vande Bharat emerged as a clear winner! Her post has since gone viral as netizens are loving this race between the two train services.

X User Posts Video Comparing Vande Bharat With Mithila Express

X (formerly Twitter) user, @JyotiKarma7, posted a video online capturing and comparing the speed of Vande Bharat with Mithila Express. She was sitting in the Mithila Express as she recorded the video of the speeding up of the Vande Bharat Express on the parallel rail track. The video showed how quickly the Vande Bharat train picked up speed and surpassed the Mithila Express, on which the X user was travelling. The Vande Bharat trains are semi-high speed trains that can run at a speed of up to 160 kmph. Compared to this, Mithila Express runs at an average speed of 39.79 Kmph.

Clearly impressed with the speed of Vande Bharat, @JyotiKarma7 added the caption to her post, “Make way for the Saffron beast🔥🔥”

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Internet Loving The “Saffron Beast”

Vande Bharat Mithila Express
Image Courtesy: X/@JyotiKarma7 & India Rail Info

The internet seemed to love this race as the now-viral video capturing the two trains has thousands of views. Netizens, clearly impressed by the video, have left some comments that you cannot miss.

Of course, netizens took digs at Mithila Express and its speed in the comments as well.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia, India Rail Info & X/@JyotiKarma7