You Can Grab A Free Cup Of Coffee At Shikhar Dhawan’s Haunt In Dubai This World Coffee Day. Hurry!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You Can Grab A Free Cup Of Coffee At Shikhar Dhawan’s Haunt In Dubai This World Coffee Day. Hurry!

Coffee lovers, assemble! It is International Coffee Day on October 1, and I am sure you all have already made plans to visit cafes with your friends or family. But how about grabbing a free cup of coffee on this special day? It sounds so good to be true. Well, you can actually grab a free cup of coffee at Shikhar Dhawan’s Flying Catch in Dubai. Here’s how!

Free Cup Of Coffee At Shikhar Dhawan’s Haunt

Enjoy a freshly prepared cup of your preferred coffee at Flying Catch by Shikhar Dhawan, a family sports cafe and restaurant, on the upcoming International Coffee Day. And well, yes, it can be a free cup of coffee!

You can be one of the first 50 customers to enter on Sunday, October 1, who will be lucky to grab a free cup of coffee. If you are lucky, you will surely enjoy this flawlessly prepared cup of artisanal coffee that is tailored to your preferences. The cafe and restaurant are located in the bustling center of Dubai, Jumeirah 1.

This incredible deal allows you one drink per person, satisfying everyone’s coffee desires. With their broad ala carte menu serving Fusion Authentic Indian Cuisine, you can also pair your coffee.

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Sports-Themed Ambiance

Enjoy the sports-themed ambiance, which features a cricket field—the ideal backdrop for your Instagram feed—a 200-cm screen, several LED screens, a snooker table, dart boards, a foosball table, and more while you’re there.

Visit Flying Catch by Shikhar Dhawan with your loved ones to explore, meet other cricket fans, and share a passion for coffee, delicious cuisine, and sports.

The purpose of celebrating International Coffee Day is to promote fair trade in coffee and increase public awareness of coffee growers. The day is all about acknowledging the millions of people who work in the coffee industry. This includes farmers, roasters, baristas, and shop owners who celebrate coffee every day.

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Which is your favourite coffee?

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