You Can Now Slide Down A High-Speed Drop-In Slide At Hatta

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
You Can Now Slide Down A High-Speed Drop-In Slide At Hatta

Hatta is one place in the UAE that’s been a favorite among all. And now, there’s one more reason to head to this place. A thrilling ‘Drop-in’ ride is the newest addition to Hatta’s list of attractions. Soaring through the air at speeds up to 40 to 80km/h and drop into a head-down into a pool. Sounds like fun? Adventure enthusiasts, you’ve got another one to give it a go.

What’s It?

Hatta now has a mini adventure park! Drop-in will let you slide down at speeds up to 40 to 80km/h and drop into a head-down into a pool. And this is not the only one. There are a host of slides to pick from, each with a different level of thrill. While some fly down straight, dropping you into a pool of water, a few others will bounce you across the surface of the water. Dare to take the plunge?

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The Drop-in will be open starting on Thursday at Hatta Wadi Hub! This experience will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. It features a crazy jump, crazy slide, and drop-in tracks. For bookings and enquiries, call 800-637227 (800 MERAAS) سيفتتح الدروب إن في حتا وادي هب! في يوم الخميس. من المؤكد انها سوف تكون تجربة رائعة و ستجعلك تشعر بالأدرينالين حتماً. قفزات و مغامرات مجنونة تنتظركم! للحجز و الاستفسار اتصلوا ب 800637227 #زوروا_حتا #مراس_دبي #مراس ⁠ #VisitHatta #MeraasDubai #Hatta #VisitHatta #Dropin #Adventure #wanderlust #travel #travelblogger #myDubai #AdrenalineJunkie

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The attraction is open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Tickets are priced at AED 75 for 30 minutes. Children above the age of six enter for AED 45.

This is not the only adventure attraction Hatta boasts. Recently, four new hiking trials were launched in Hatta.

The routes are colour-coded green, blue, red and black, from easy to difficult and lead to the Hatta Wadi centre. The colour-coding is in consideration of different levels of difficulty as well as strengths. The winter season has officially at Hatta. Till April 2020, you can indulge in a variety of activities to choose from. These new routes encourage adventure junkies to experience their favourite outdoor sports in designated trails.
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Hatta Wadi Hub, you can choose from a wide variety of activities such as go-carting, zorbing, shooting with an axle and archery, trampoline and more.

hatta activities
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What Else?

If you’re looking for Hatta hotels, there are so many options for you to choose from.

From the mesmerizing wadis, lush greenery, the dams and abundant O2 – this place has been buzzing with people in the last decade. Several redevelopments have put Hatta on the map as one of the most popular destinations to visit in the region. There are so many things to do around the region from adventure sports such as Kayaking to getting the most perfect backdrops to brighten up your Instagram feed. Speaking of which, Hatta recently made it to the World’s most Instagrammed road trips. 

Here is the list of top options to stay while you’re at Hatta!

1. Sedr Trailers Resort by Meraas, Hatta

trailer resort
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This 5-star cocoon is the ultimate retreat if you are someone who likes a little luxe yet touch nature closely. Meraas introduced this concept recently and people cannot stop gushing about it. This trailer style hotel/lodge accommodation is located at the Hajar Mountains and takes your little staycation adventure to the next level. With mesmerizing views of the Hatta Dam, you can lounge around in camping furniture, do a little cooking in the attached kitchen space and also cook up a nice little bonfire.
And the best part, it starts are just AED 250. While you are there, multiple things await you in the adventure section such as kayaking, zip line and more – some of which are a part of your package.

Price – Starting from AED 250
Contact – 800 637227
Location – Hajar Mountains

2. JA Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta

When it comes to Hatta hotels, this one tops the list. This destination is swarmed with tourists from all over for its incredible views. Located at a 3KM radius of Heritage Village – the hotel has the best views across the expanse of mountains and greenery. For those who wish to splash and beat the heat – the waterfall pool cannot be missed. The rooms at this place are chalet-style, cosy and comfortable for all your holiday needs.

Price – Starting from AED 750
Contact – 04 809 9333
Location – Hatta Oman Road

hatta hotels
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3. Hatta Caravan Park, Hatta

Nature Lovers Galore! Indulge in the serene picturesque views of Hatta in the luxury caravans. The caravans sport some of the best interiors ever – with wood and leather in plush. The layouts are custom made to fit with the landscapes of the location. For guests, there are several amenities within the area such as BBQ areas, food trucks, Wi-Fi access, parking spaces and more. With quick access to Wadi Hub – visitors enjoy the centre of all activities that happen here on popular days making it a perfect getaway for you and your family.

Price – Starting from AED 950/family of 4
Contact – 800 637227
Location – Hatta Wadi Hub

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4. Damani Lodges Resort, Hatta

These canopied little spaces are accommodation lounges at the top of the mountains in Hatta. Damani Lodges Resort has multi-faceted little cabins built to suit families of different sizes – and even has a patio. While the amenities out here ooze comfort and luxury – this is one place where you can choose to configure your style of rooms according to family type. The lodge is up close and personal with nature and provides easy access to all the happening events at Wadi Hub. Bringing together the best of outdoors and indoors in one place.

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Price – Starting from AED 1020
Contact – 800 637227
Location – Hatta Wadi Hub

5. Holiday Arabian Resort, Sinadil

If you are someone who would want to go old school when it comes to picking out hotels, and if trailers/caravans/ lodges are terms that intimidate you – this is one place for your holiday needs providing you with great options to choose from to spend your getaway at. Located at Sinadil, Ajman – this is an easy access location to Hatta (17KM drive to Hatta Dam).  You can avail all basic necessities you would expect from a hotel right here plus a large expanse of a pool perfect to beat the heat. The chalet rooms come in 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom options to choose from. Be mindful that this is a 1-star hotel that is perfect for a B&B experience and not a luxury staycation destination like the others.

Price – Starting from AED 425
Contact – 04 852 2655
Location – Sinadil, Ajman

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