You Can Rent An Uncle In Japan To Do Your Chores For You & Give You Life Advice

by Pratiksha
You Can Rent An Uncle In Japan To Do Your Chores For You & Give You Life Advice

Japan is known for all things weird. From hiring a boyfriend, hiring someone to quit your job for you and more, the latest fad is to hire an uncle yourself. As whacky as it sounds, you can now hire yourself an uncle who will do your chores with you and keep the creeps at bay.

Why Rent An Uncle?

If you have the money to spend a heavy heart then you can hire a middle-aged Japanese uncle to listen to your woes. Yes, you basically get to hire a human being to listen to everything that is going wrong with your life. We all have that one friend in our life who caters to our rants, no questions asked. But if you don’t have that blessed friend in your life and ₹700 to spare, you can get yourself an uncle off of Ossan Rental, a startup who will send you a middle-aged man to your doorstep. The price will obviously be extra if you are in India because you clearly can’t invite a creepy Indian uncle home. He’s most likely to ask you how much you scored in your 10th board exams or when you are planning to get married.

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The best thing about these uncles is that not only will they listen to you rant but they will also give you advice when needed. It only gets better for these uncles will also help tidy up your place, do chores for you and even keep creepy men away for you.

Rent An Uncle

And it is not just uncles, you can actually hire friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even extended family if you want to. It is a pretty crazy deal but it looks like it seems to a pretty common thing in Japan. So, the next time you want someone to listen to your problems and just hear you out, then maybe just fly down to Japan.