You Will Soon Be Able To Use Your Debit And Credit Cards To Travel In Delhi Metro

by Suchismita Pal
You Will Soon Be Able To Use Your Debit And Credit Cards To Travel In Delhi Metro

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Ever had the experience of running late for your work and while swiping in the metro card, realising that it’s out of balance? Oh, most of us have been through this last-minute frenzy for sure, but now some good news is coming on our way! By early next year, we might be able to use our debit and credit cards as smartcards in Delhi metro. Sounds exciting? Read on.

Hassle-Free Travel

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) currently provides smartcards that are close looped, which can be used solely for metro purposes. Now, it is thinking to implement Open Loop National Common Mobility Card-based RuPay debit and credit cards that can double up as your travel smart cards. The Airport Express Route or the Orange Line of Delhi Metro will be the first to get the card facility. Currently, Metro Rail Corporations like Noida Metro, Kochi Metro and Nagpur Metro have similar facilities but the services are limited to a particular bank. But with the newly launched RuPay cards, Delhi Metro will accept transactions from all banks.

Delhi Metro
Picture Credits: The Hindu

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What’s More?

According to a DMRC spokesperson, the purpose of issuing such cards by the Delhi Metro is to have a system that’s inter-operational across other public transport fleets in NCT and NCR like DTC, Rapid Metro, DIMTS, etc. The implementation work on the Airport Express Line is likely to be pulled off by December 2020.

Delhi Metro
Picture Credits: Inc42

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Soon, we will be able to ditch the queues for getting our metro cards recharged. Smartcards are getting smarter indeed!