Zomato Delivery Guy’s Style Of Giving Turkish Ice Cream To Customer Is Amusing Internet

by Sanjana Shenoy
Zomato Delivery Guy’s Style Of Giving Turkish Ice Cream To Customer Is Amusing Internet

If you’ve tried Dondurma or Turkish ice cream, you’d know that it stands apart from other ice creams for a special reason. Yes, it’s made of mastic which gives it a gummy texture. But we’re talking about the unique way it’s served. Turkish ice cream is served in a trick manner where the cone is pulled away by the seller. The ice cream seller even juggles the ice cream like a juggler in a circus. Since it’s gummy in texture, it can be thrown around without spilling. A Zomato delivery agent recently served a parcel to a customer in a trick style, just like an ice cream seller in Turkey. Read on to know more.

Zomato Delivery Agent Serves Parcel Like Turkish Ice Cream

In a hilarious video posted by Zomato on Instagram, a delivery agent is seen outside a person’s home. The customer leans forward to take his parcel. But in a flash of a second, the Zomato delivery agent moves the parcel away. He tricks the customer just like a Turkish ice cream seller. Playing trick games. Just when the customer starts to get frustrated, he snatches the parcel. Only to realise it’s empty. Finally, the delivery agent handles the parcel with his food.

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Netizens Find Video Relatable & Hilarious

If you’ve ever eaten Turkish ice cream, you’d know the seller also tricks you with an empty cone. This fun video went viral. Foodies who’ve had Turkish ice cream before could totally relate to it. It garnered over  8.4 million views. Many netizens took to the comment section saying they’ll play similar tricks while paying the bill too. Another called it ‘haath ki safai’. Meanwhile, have you tried Delhi’s 24 karat gold ice cream?