10 Signs You’re Compatible With Your Travel Partner

by Nainisha Mehta
10 Signs You’re Compatible With Your Travel Partner
More than the destination, the time and the money, a companion is the most important thing to consider when you’re planning a holiday. You may pick the most exotic location and the cheapest deals, but it’ll mean nothing if you’re not doing it with the right person. Just like compatibility matters in any relationship, it also matters when you’re vacationing.
Here are 10 signs that you’ve found the right travel partner: 

1. Your Piggy Banks Have Equal No. of Pennies

Before planning a world tour or camping by the lake, make sure that your budgets match. You may be looking for a 5 day stay in a luxury resort, but your partner may have the funds to go camping. So, the first step to avoid disappointment is to make sure you both are on the same page financially.

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2. You Both Wake Up On The First Ring Of The Alarm (OR Don’t)

Now, you don’t want a sleepy-bear on vacation. If you like waking up with the sun, heading to a place before the crowd does, avoiding long queues at the breakfast buffet – make sure your travel partner does too. If you fancy staying in your bed until early afternoon, hope that your partner is not an early riser and you both can then laze around indoors!

3. You Use Your Phones Only For The Gram

The best vacations are experienced without a smart-phone. While it may be difficult to completely cut-off, you need to know that you and your partner both can stay away from it. Ditch those apps for navigation and restaurants, instead, lose your way, hit a new restaurant, ask the locals for help. That way you get to really explore the place. Oh well, but do remember to make the best use of your phone to record your journey on Instagram. Extra points if their photo skills are bomb!

4. Your Belief In ‘Darr Ke Aagey Jeet’ Matches Theirs

You may want to jump off a cliff (wearing a harness of course), go swim with the sharks or hike to the top of Everest. Doing this could be challenging, but it’s more fun when you have someone to do it with. You don’t just want a cheerleader, you want someone who’d push you to do your best and live that moment with you.

5. You Both Are Willing To Eat Anything & Everything

No one tells you this, but the most important rule of travel is – FOOD. Yes, the best way to experience the culture of any place is through their food. Your travel partner needs to be someone who is willing to try the local delicacies, discover cafes and eat even the weirdest item on the menu. ‘What do you mean you won’t eat the seasoned grasshopper? It’s a speciality here!’ You don’t want to get into that argument, do you? It’s best you take someone who’s all for it. Ok. Maybe not grasshoppers, but you get what we’re saying.

6. You Never Have A Nature VS City Debate

A hammock by the beach and pinacoladas or long museum tours with curious questions – you need to settle on the type of trip you want to have before you start planning. While you may prefer embracing nature and exploring the wilderness, your partner might want to travel the city on foot, know about abandoned buildings, ride the city bus, or make to the top of the tallest building. You don’t want to battle it out once you’ve reached your destination. One of you has to make a compromise and then the trip is no longer fun. The best way out is to pick a destination that fits both. A little of this and a little of that – you get the best of both! However, similar preferences can make the choice very simple.

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7. Your Least Favorite Word Is ‘NO’

Should we go for the hike at 6 AM? No. Let’s hitchhike to this island? No. Let’s sleep in the tent? No. Let’s book a 5-star hotel? No. Let’s eat at this cute little stall? No. Let’s jump off a plane? No. If you’re hearing a lot of no’s, you know something is wrong. You and your partner should both be full of positivity and say yes to everything. Spontaneity and the thrill of adventure can only make travelling complete. Wanderlusting with someone who is not up for the things you like will result in fights and you won’t even get the best of your experience.

8. You Both Roll With The Punches

There will always be a few roadblocks when you travel. You may miss a flight, you may lose your way, and you may run out of currencies, there are a hundred things that can go wrong. Your travel companion should be able to see the light side of the circumstances. Cribbing and complaining will only make it worse. A sense of humour and a quick response can make your ride really smooth. If you’re someone who always looks at the brighter side and takes the mishaps as funny incidents, you need a travel partner who’ll add to that.

9. You Don’t Always Agree With Each Other

Similar likes and dislikes are an advantage, but travelling with someone who is your mirror and agrees to almost everything you say may not be that exciting. Small conflicts and disagreements push you to try different things and keep you away from your worst ideas. Walking two hours instead of taking a bus may be your idea of saving, but your partner calling you out on this will be for your best.

 10. You Are The Best Version of Yourself With Them

Last but not the least – travel with someone who you are totally comfortable with. Make sure the person you choose as your travel partner can pick you up at your worst, laugh at your awkwardness and do crazy things with you. A judgmental person on vacation is a BIG NO.