Honeymoon Destinations You Can Probably Go To That Are Still Not Affected By Coronavirus

by Sanjana Shenoy
Honeymoon Destinations You Can Probably Go To That Are Still Not Affected By Coronavirus

The coronavirus incidents have badly affected the global tourism industry. Popular tourist sites in Italy and France including the Louvre Museum have been shut down. And South-East Asia is battling with its own large number of coronavirus cases. So if you’re a frantic newly married anxious about looking for a safe honeymoon destination, then let’s help you with that. You might have rerouted, cancelled or rescheduled your honeymoon for the time being. But thankfully there are certain destinations and honeymoon ideas you can resort to. This way you can enjoy your much needed romantic quality time with your beloved and also stay safe while you’re at it.


Where Can You Go?

If you’re scratching your head wondering where you can go to have the perfect honeymoon then let’s tell you that Maldives and Mauritius should be on your list. There has been a shift in honeymooners from choosing European destinations to opting for tropical beachy islands like Bali, Maldives and Mauritius. According to Vipul Prakash, the COO of MakeMyTrip Bali has witnessed a 40% year-on-year growth in travel while the Maldives has seen a 33% year-on-year growth. South Africa and Greece are also becoming a favourite preference amongst honeymooners.

Priyanka a working professional for a travel agency in Malviya Nagar stated that around 70%-80% bookings done by honeymooners were for Maldives and Mauritius in the last three months. Couples keep enquiring with travel agencies about safe honeymoon destinations and precautions they need to take while travelling. However, Greece is not a recommended travel destination after a coronavirus case was found recently. Travel operators have reported that honeymooners are making reservations for the months of April and May to countries which don’t have any coronavirus reported case as of yet. Bittoo Bagga a fashion designer from Delhi stated that he initially rescheduled his honeymoon from April to December as he wanted to go to Europe. But now he has settled for the Maldives due to family pressure.

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Which Are Some Alternate Destinations?

Daniel D’sSouza, President and Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel has stated that they are in touch with tourism representatives, airlines and on-ground associates to keep honeymooners updated about the countries they can travel to. Alternate destinations like Russia, Switzerland, Jordan. Turkey, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Tanzania and Egypt are being recommended, as the demand for tropical countries are on the rise.


There has been a 100% cancellation for trips to Thailand and Singapore since these are the two most preferred destinations amongst Indians. Trips to European countries are also being rescheduled or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many honeymooners are opting for other destinations as many cancellations have no-refund policies. Did you know France Urges People To Stop Kissing Each Other Due To Coronavirus?

Opt For Luxury Vacations Instead of Overseas Travel

The worldwide coronavirus epidemic has forced desi travellers to look for travel refuge in India. According to Vipul Prakash, COO, MakeMyTrip, many honeymooners are opting for luxury vacations in India instead of overseas travel. Romantic luxury holiday experiences in Andamans, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are some of the preferred choices.

A merchandise shopper from Gurgaon, Smita Asthana stated that she has booked a trip to the Andamans for the end of March instead of a European destination. And even though she might not have her perfect Roman holiday, she and her husband would rather go to the coronavirus-free country then feel like zombies on their own honeymoon. Well, honeymooners, there are certain foreign countries you can travel to but go there, after conducting thorough research. After all, nothing is more important than your health, not even travel.