107-YO Parsi Dairy Farm Expands Beyond South Mumbai; Opens Outlet In Borivali

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
107-YO Parsi Dairy Farm Expands Beyond South Mumbai; Opens Outlet In Borivali

We are sure your parents might have shared stories about visiting the famous and legendary Parsi Dairy Farm with you. We might not know the exact story, but we are sure that they might have told you about the amazing and rich-quality products that this place offers. Well, now you can experience it for yourself as Parsi Dairy Farm has opened its third store in Mumbai’s Borivali. 

Parsi Dairy Farm In Borivali


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Parsi Dairy Farm has kept the same ingredients and purity while offering a greater variety of goods for Mumbai residents in an effort to highlight traditional recipes free of preservatives. It’s interesting to note that after a successful October 25 opening in Ghatkopar, this one in Borivali will be the third location.

Retail establishments in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Vapi, Bhavnagar, Surat, Kolkata, Guwahati, Aurangabad, and Nagpur sell Parsi Dairy Farm products. They may be found online at BigBasket, Jio Mart, Swiggy, Zomato, and Amazon. 

Indian treats like raspberry khopra pak, piped jalebi, bundi laddoo, kaju katli, and their well-known sutarfeni—a sweet from Gujarat—are among the items on display behind the glass counter.

With a 107-year history, the goal of the fourth generation of Parsi Dairy Farm is to uphold the tradition and foster a closer relationship with their devoted customers by modernizing and extending the locations. 

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Revamped Avatar


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The outlet’s stylish and contemporary décor has been enhanced with the addition of the red door. It heightens the thrill of updating Parsi Dairy Farm. The city-based company, which had its first location at Marine Lines, is represented by the colors blue and red. They have, however, added some more vibrant hues and tones and employed it in other ways.

The stunning colors chosen for Parsi Dairy Farm’s store give it a contemporary touch on the outlet’s classic design while making it appear light and spacious. Customers can enjoy the sweets, dairy goods, and savory snacks that are on display at the store by sitting in the modest dining area. 

The outlet’s gorgeous décor is enhanced by the addition of the new toffee counter. It is the addition that is discussed the most. “The Great Indian Toffee,” formerly known as Milk Drops, takes you on a flavor exploration of Indian cuisine. Its updated packaging draws in both new and returning customers to Parsi Dairy Farm.  (As per Mid-day)

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Highly Regarded Kulfis


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With the emergence and growth of the fourth generation, they have discovered novel means of bringing happiness with their new gift baskets. Parsi Dairy Farm has sold more than 50 million SKUs of the highly regarded kulfis in the past 50 years. 

For them, it serves as a reminder of all the joy they have brought to people’s faces and the love they have tenderly conveyed to millions of people over the years. 

Parvana S. Mistry, a quarter of the co-owners from the fourth generation, discussed the mithai collection with Mid-day. With its Rajasthani roots, their mithai collection keeps our legacy alive. They’re actually happy to still have over 30 dairy items and over 80 different types of mithais. 

For those who were unable to visit the recently opened Ghatkopar store or the Marine Lines flagship store, The neighborhood serves as a gathering place for tourists and foodies alike, in part due to its nighttime opening.

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Have you ever been to the flagship store?

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