130,000 Trees, Guided Tour, Café & More; Say Hello To Shajar, A New Family-Friendly Destination In Sharjah

Arada's Shajar: Nurturing nature and sustainable living.

by Deeplata Garde
130,000 Trees, Guided Tour, Café & More; Say Hello To Shajar, A New Family-Friendly Destination In Sharjah

Arada has launched Shajar, an expansive nursery and visitor attraction. The aim is to cultivate 130,000 trees for integration into Arada’s communities. Shajar is one of the UAE’s largest nurseries, sprawling across 1.6 million square feet opened in Sharjah. In Arabic, Shajar means ‘trees’.

Promoting Awareness and Welfare


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Shajar is more than just a nursery; it is conceived as a family-friendly and educational destination. It aims at fostering environmental awareness and promoting tree welfare. The attraction encompasses a welcome centre, a tour experience, and an upscale café, all enveloped by a diverse array of trees and shrubs.

Upon entering Shajar, visitors are welcomed by the informative welcome centre. Here, they delve into the benefits of trees, the consequences of deforestation, and biodiversity issues. The welcome centre acts as a catalyst, encouraging visitors to take proactive measures against climate change.

Guided Tour of Aljada Nursery

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The Shajar experience unfolds with a guided tour of the extensive Aljada nursery. Visitors gain insights into the cultivation of 50 different tree species and witness the various life stages of trees earmarked for planting in Arada communities. A unique feature allows each visitor to actively participate by planting a tree during the on-site workshop.

Arada extends its commitment to sustainability by incorporating natural landscaping into all three of its Sharjah communities. Notably, the Masaar forested master development, adorned with an impressive 50,000 trees, exemplifies this approach. The commitment to sustainable landscaping will also be mirrored in upcoming Dubai projects. These green spaces are nurtured using recycled water through cutting-edge systems, reducing water consumption and minimizing leakages.

The Hut Café, Where Nature Meets Comfort

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In addition, Arada’s commitment to sustainable practices is further demonstrated through its recent partnership announcement with Biopolus, SRTIP, and Metito. This partnership aims to introduce a novel and sustainable water treatment method to the UAE, highlighting Arada’s proactive role in pushing the boundaries of sustainable urban living. Complementing this initiative is The Hut, an exquisitely designed café nestled beneath a leafy canopy of trees. The Hut offers speciality coffee, snacks, meals, and a variety of beverages, are familiar with the Aljada residents and the broader community. Providing a tranquil escape within the embrace of nature, The Hut adds to the overall Shajar experience.

Aljada: Sharjah’s Transformative Destination

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Aljada, Sharjah’s monumental project sprawling over 24 million square feet and featuring more than 25,000 homes, stands as a transformative destination for the Emirate. Its allure lies in the diverse attractions it houses, including Bounce, the Zad food truck district, a children’s adventure playground, a waterplay area, and the Aljada Skate Park. Adding to the offerings, Sharjah’s largest and most advanced gym, Wellfit Madar, will open soon. Aljada integrates a green urban master plan, comprising various residential districts, extensive retail spaces, hospitality venues, entertainment zones, sporting facilities, educational institutions, healthcare components, and a business park.

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To Sum Up

Arada is committed to sustainable practices. This commitment is evident in the development of Shajar. Shajar adds to the green tapestry of the UAE. It also serves as a focal point for environmental education and engagement. Sustainable living can coexist harmoniously with urban development. Overall, Arada positions itself at the forefront of fostering a green and sustainable future. Arada shapes communities through ongoing initiatives and partnerships.

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