14-Year-Old Boy Sells Dahi Kachori At Roadside Stall In Ahmedabad; Moves The Internet

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by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 759

India’s street food touches one’s stomach, but the street stories behind the delicious food go straight to the heart. And there are many such heartwarming, inspiring stories by street food vendors that attract people to their stalls. A desire to bring a smile on their faces just like they feed our souls with their food is what makes these experiences so special. A 14-year-old boy selling Dahi Kachori at a roadside stall in Ahmedabad, Gujarat moved the internet. Here’s what makes his story special. 

Teenager Sells Dahi Kachori At Ahmedabad Street Food Stall To Support Family

Doyash Pathrabe, a food blogger from Nagpur shared a clip on social media of a young 14-year-old boy preparing Dahi Kachori at a makeshift roadside stall opposite Maninagar Railway station in Ahmedabad. In the video, the young boy is seen having tears in his eyes, as he prepares food for his customers. Pathrabe revealed in the caption, that the boy is selling Dahi Kachori for just ₹10. He urges social media users to help him, as the boy is working hard to support his family. This video is yet another reality check about the challenging situations in one’s life. A teenager who should be busy with online classes and schoolwork is preparing Dahi Kachori on the streets to support his family. 

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Internet Unites To Help The Boy

The video went viral, with netizens praising the boy for shouldering family responsibilities at such a tender age. His sincere efforts have brought the community together to support his endeavours. A large number of foodies queued to his street food stall to shower the teenager with lots of love and support. If you’re from Gujarat, do visit his stall opposite Maninagar Railway station, munch on the delicious Dahi Kachori, and bring a smile to a sweet young boy’s face. 

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