2 Samosas For ₹500? Watch This American Food Blogger Ranting About The Price In Hindi!

by Shreya Rathod
2 Samosas For ₹500? Watch This American Food Blogger Ranting About The Price In Hindi!

Do you remember eating samosas from the vendor outside your school? He used to sell them for ₹10 and used to taste so delicious! It is one of the nostalgic memories of our childhood. And we can’t get enough of the spicy potato-stuffed samosas. Our love for these items hasn’t changed despite price increases and shifting culinary tastes. And it has even led this American food blogger to rant about it; and that too, in Hindi! Take a look!

American Food Blogger Rants About Samosa Price In Hindi!


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Drew Hicks is a popular American Hindi food blogger and YouTuber. Recently, he shared a video on Instagram about samosas and their price! It starts with him stating that you will get two samosas for ₹20 in India. However, in the restaurant, it will cost you around ₹500 for the same quantity! He even showed the menu where the samosas were priced at $7.49. The video also features a Hindi text that reads ‘Let’s go to Bihar’. According to the caption, he used to get samosas for ₹5 when he was a kid.

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Drew Hicks often posts funny reels and videos of him talking in Hindi and that always surprises the Internet. It is a wonder how some food dishes that you will get for cheaper rates in India cost so much in other countries.

Internet Reacts To This Video

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Credits: Drew Hicks/ Instagram

The Internet is shocked to see the price of two samosas. One of the users even wrote that this is the biggest scam. Another user agrees to this and states that when he saw the price of samosas in countries like Japan, Korea, London and the US, he lost it.

A user points out that the menu had a lassi for $7.50 which is insane. According to another user, the guy is not an Indian but is still converting dollars to rupees. Most of them can’t believe the price of samosas. And if our mothers saw this, she would prefer to make them at home rather than spend so much money at the restaurant.

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Comment below and share if you have encountered such insane prices of dishes that you would get at affordable prices in India.

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