20 People Test Positive For Covid-19 After Attending A Wedding In Abu Dhabi

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
20 People Test Positive For Covid-19 After Attending A Wedding In Abu Dhabi

More than 20 people have tested positive for Covid after attending a wedding in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Media Office tweeted. According to the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, the infection broke out after people failed to maintain social distancing at the reception. Furthermore, the centre also warned public to take Covid precautions seriously and adhere to the same. On that note, Abu Dhabi schools are likely to resume from August. 

How Did They Get Infected?

Prior to the wedding, all the family members adhered to all the rules and were safe. However, one of them went to a relative’s house to offer condolences. He contracted the virus from the deceased, who was infected, but showed no symptoms. A few days later, the same family held an engagement ceremony of their daughter. But this time, they failed to adhere to social distancing during the event. Two weeks later, members of the family and their neighbours started to develop COVID-19 symptoms.

The centre shared the story of the family in a video published on its social media platforms. Take a look:

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Six Passengers Test Positive After Taking Emirates Flight To Australia

Six passengers who took the Emirates flight EK420 to Perth on July 1, tested positive for Covid. Four women and two men aged between 40-64, were confirmed Covid positive, after landing. The six people, along with other passengers who were aboard the same flight were quarantined in a hotel. The total number of passengers in the flight was not revealed.

However, it still remains unclear from where the six people contracted the virus and if the tests were conducted before they left Dubai. People who were known to have interacted with the six people as well as those seated near them were asked to self quarantine for 14 days. All other passengers were asked to monitor their health for two weeks and report to health authorities in case they developed any symptoms.

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