38-YO Man Opens Emergency Door Of Southwest Airlines Aircraft & Climbs On Wing; Gets Restrained 

A Southwest Airlines passenger opened the emergency exit door of the flight and jumped on the wing.

by Sanjana Shenoy
38-YO Man Opens Emergency Door Of Southwest Airlines Aircraft & Climbs On Wing; Gets Restrained 

It isn’t uncommon to once in a while hear incidents about unruly passengers creating chaos mid-air on a flight by picking fights with fellow passengers or by misbehaving with the cabin crew. But this time, an unusual incident of a passenger opening the emergency door of a Southwest Airlines aircraft and climbing on the wing has gained media attention. Here’s what happened.

Man On Southwest Airlines Aircraft Opens Emergency Door & Jumps Off Plane Parked On Tarmac

A report by CNN states that a 38-year-old man on a Southwest Airlines flight suddenly opened the emergency exit door and climbed atop the plane’s wing. The aircraft was parked at a gate at New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport. A TikTok video by a passenger briefly shows the chaos that ensued on the flight.

Zed Webster, a passenger revealed to CNN that he heard some commotion on the flight. To him, it sounded like two passengers were engaged in a brawl. So, he took out his phone and recorded the incident. The minute he clicked on the record button, Zed Webster said the 38-year-old passenger unlatched the lock to the emergency exit door. Before anyone could make sense of what was going on, he jumped out of the window.

Also, the sherrif’s office stated to CNN that the man didn’t leave anything on the plane. He wasn’t found to be in possession of weapons. While he may not face any criminal charges, the investigation will continue. The sheriff’s office further reassured people that no one was harmed following this unusual chaotic incident on the Southwest Airlines aircraft.

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After a delay of two hours following the incident, the flight departed on a different aircraft. And reached Atlanta shortly before midnight. A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, Chris Perry, stated to CNN that they commend their flight and ground crews for taking swift action against the man. Also, he expressed his sincere apologies to passengers for the inconvenience and delays caused.

Meanwhile, have you ever faced such unusual incidents on your flight?

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