4 Authentic Dosas Of Tamil Nadu We Bet You Have Never Tried Before!

by Sanjana Shenoy
4 Authentic Dosas Of Tamil Nadu We Bet You Have Never Tried Before!

If dosa lives in your mind, body and soul rent-free then you’re not alone. Hailed as the perfect wholesome dish to satisfy your hunger cravings, a dosa a day truly keeps the hunger away. This pocket-friendly, fairly healthy dish might have origins in the south. But today you’d find street food stalls, restaurants and cloud kitchens selling crispy golden dosas across India. So, dosa lovers, get over the usual masala dosa and expand your palate by trying out these 4 authentic dosas of Tamil Nadu.

1. Azhagar Kovil Dosa Prasadam

Have you ever wondered why the prasad served at temples simply tastes out of this world? It can be simple kheer, laddoo or puliyogare ( tamarind rice), but it always tastes heavenly. Tamil Nadu is home to a special dosa called Kovil Prasadam Dosa. Kovil translates to temple in Tamil. And Prasadam is the food cooked for the Gods. Azhagar Kovil Prasadam Dosa is prepared and offered to Lord Vishnu at Madurai’s famous Azhgar Kovil temple. It’s later served to devotees as prasad. This dosa is prepared with black urad dal, ginger and served with aromatic ginger chutney.

tamil nadu dosas
Picture Credits: I Camp in my Kitchen

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2. Ali Pota Dosa

Unlike the crispy golden-brown dosas you’re accustomed to, Ali Pota Dosa is a softer, spongier counterpart. Ali Pota translates to ‘scooping into’ in Tamil. This mouthwatering dosa requires overnight fermentation just like regular dosas. It’s served hot, soft and spongy. Best paired with tamarind chutney and groundnut chutney. Start your day on a wholesome note or end your day in a nourishing way by tucking into the comforting Ali Pota Dosa.

tamil nadu dosas
Picture Credits: Cooking 4 all seasons

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3. Uttapam

You’d find uttapams in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But did you know uttapams originated from Tamil Nadu? This soft melt-in-the-mouth dosa is made by grinding urad dal and rice powder. It’s fermented for a few hours and then slow-roasted on a skillet using minimum oil. This flat dosa is soft on the inside and it’s slightly crispy on the edges. Top it with onions, capsicum and tomatoes and you’re good to go.

tamil nadu dosas
Picture Credits: Kunal Kapur

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4. Kondakadalai Dosa

Dosas can be a great source of protein too. How? Well, just tuck into Tamil Nadu’s Kondakadalai dosa or Chickpea dosa. This protein-rich dosa is prepared with chickpeas (channa). A delicious breakfast or dinner dish, Kondakadalai dosa is healthy and nutritious. The chickpeas lend an earthy, wholesome taste to the dosa. Scoop a piece and dunk it in onion-garlic chutney and you’d know what heaven tastes like.

tamil nadu dosas
Picture Credits: Subbus Kitchen

Well, dosa lovers, let nothing stop you from experimenting with different dosas from Tamil Nadu. You never know. You might end up finding an alternative to the classic masala dosa!