5 Best Organic Farms To Visit In India For Fresh And Unadulterated Produce

Organic Farms
by Sushmita Mahanta
by Sushmita Mahanta 272

Lately, healthy eating has become the new fashion. Most Indians are seeking fresh and organic ingredients in their food items. And as such, Organic farms in India are seen gaining popularity over the years. India has also seen quite a few start-ups come up in this area. Find fresh and Herbivore farms are well-known names now. Their idea behind establishing organic farms in India is to pay back to nature and eat healthily. Unlike before, people’s interest in food is not just need-based now. They are into leading more responsible lives with organic food. So here’s a list of the 5 best organic farms in India. Visit and explore more about their fresh and unadulterated produce.

1. Navdanya

When you say Organic Farms in India, Navadanya surely comes on top. The Farm has set up around 150 community seed banks in 22 states in India to support organic farmers. Navdanya only focuses on the conservation of biodiversity and the food heritage of the country. So if you want to visit an Organic Farm in India, this is it. The farm helps visitors and customers to know more about organic farming. They urge farmers to cultivate organic habits and avoid chemical fertilizers. One of their campaigns, the ‘Food Smart Cities’ helps connect farmers to the city consumers. Paying a visit here will also help you understand why small organic farms are preferable to large-scale industrial farms.


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2. The Farm

You will find The Farm in a tiny village called Semmancheri along the Old Mahabalipuram Road of Chennai. Being one of the best Organic Farms, it’s slowly attracting a lot of visitors. The main produce of the farm includes dairy products, such as cheese, ghee, paneer, and curd. The place also grows and sells a wide variety of oils like rice, apricots, tea, coconut oil, etc. You will also find cakes and snacks here and these are only made from their organic produce. The Farm also has a campus restaurant, beds, and breakfast. So if you are planning a trip to Chennai, include The Farm on your bucket list asap! They love hosting group tours of their farms.


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3. The Slow Farm

Established in 2014, Slow Farm promotes SLOW impact living to restore Biodiversity and tackle environmental degradation. SLOW here focuses on ‘Sustainable’, ‘Local’, ‘Organic’, and ‘Wholesome’. They farm in tune with nature and have planted over 400 trees to help create a healthy ecosystem of oxygen. Apart from this, they are one of the first organic firms to team up with independent and local crafters. Together they believe in creating minimal designs for meaningful consumption. Also, if you want to nourish your skin, they have amazing organically grown ingredients. We recommend you try those out during your visit!


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4. Vrindavan Farms

Vrindavan Farms traces back its roots to Gaytri Bhatia, an Environment Analyst at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Vrindavan is one of the rare organic farms in India that believe in preserving indigenous food and its cultivation. The farm produce basically includes fruits, spices, herbs, and indigenous vegetables. Currently, they aim to find new methods of using multiple parts of a particular product. The farm has freshly harvested produce once every week and supplies are made accordingly.


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5. Urban Green Fate Farms

This is one of the smaller Organic Farms based in Mumbai. With a team of enthusiastic urban farmers, they set up the first of its kind Urban Vertical Farm in the city in 2012. From producing microgreens to converting dead spaces in kitchen gardens for big Hotels, they do it all. According to the farm, greens should be alive and not lie dead in a box. Nutrition via the ‘Zero Carbon Food’ is what you will mostly find in their produce. And they seem to be on the right path to creating a farm around every corner, roof-top, and kitchen! Truly commendable.

Organic farms

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