5 Dishes You Should Never Order Inside A Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall
by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 154

While shopping, there’s no chance that we don’t feel hungry. Well, the best thing about shopping in malls is that we can eat at one of the many restaurants/food courts available while completing our errands. But we aren’t aware that there are many things we need to avoid having in a shopping mall. And, keeping that in mind today we’ve rounded up a couple of dishes that you should not eat. Check it out!!

Dishes You Should Never Eat In A Shopping Mall

1. Giant Ice Cream Bars/Cups

Shopping Mall

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While roaming around the shopping mall, we often like to have ice cream, but neither it’s a healthy option nor a fulfilling one. And, because our mind is stuck on shopping, we tend to eat more than one. So, it’s better to snack on other sweet items in a shopping mall rather than ice cream.

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2. Sprouts

Shopping Mall

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Although sprouts are one of the best options for vegans in most food courts, you should know that eating them on the go can cost you a lot. Also, in humid environments sprouts tend to grow as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So, all the vegans out there, try some other vegan options available in the restaurants of a shopping mall rather than sprouts.

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3. Fancy Coffee Cups While Roaming Around The Shopping Mall

Fancy Coffees

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A cold cup of coffee while walking around the shopping mall is a great treat, but make sure it’s worth it. How much sugar and cream is poured into this little cup? The fancy coffees might fascinate you but are they filling? It’s better to have something affordable.

4. Packed Juices

Shopping Mall

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To energise and refresh instantly, you might prefer having packed juices while shopping. But let us clear your confusion! You can indeed feel energised for a while but a large amount of sugar present inside them can make you restless and can even spike your blood sugar levels. Also, the very basic yet the most significant packet juices or juice cans are not fresh at all.

5. Smoothies


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Smoothies might fascinate you as a healthy option to have while shopping. However, the sugar bomb and not-so-fresh fruits added to it also make it a big NO NO to have.

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So to all the shopaholics out there, avoid munching on the above-mentioned snacks while having a fun shopping time. Either, opt for the alternatives mentioned or for some healthy and clean snacks.

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