5 Reasons Why Eating Parathas For Breakfast Can Be A Bad Idea

by Vinita Jain
5 Reasons Why Eating Parathas For Breakfast Can Be A Bad Idea

Parathas or Indian flatbreads are seasoned with aromatic flavours and are relished with pickle or curd. Parathas are the most popular North Indian breakfast item. And while you may love eating parathas for breakfast, you may totally ignore the incredible amounts of ghee, oil, and butter that make them unhealthy. Here’s why consuming paratha for breakfast can be a very bad idea.

1. Stuffing In The Paratha Is Heavy On Carbs

Stuffing inside the parathas actually adds on to a lot of unwanted calories. The vegetable ratio or the stuffing inside should always be more than the dough ratio. Instead of the usual aloo or paneer, you can use soybeans, sattu (ground black chickpeas), broccoli, mixed vegetables, and tofu.

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2. Portion Control Becomes Difficult

If you’re consuming two well-stuffed parathas for breakfast considering them healthy, you are in denial. Well, even eating a perfectly healthy meal in bulk is no longer a healthy option. Portion control is paramount when eating at every meal. One paratha per meal has about 250-300 calories and that butter,  raises the calorie count.

3. Parathas Are High In Calories

Plain paratha is made from whole grains and ghee. Did you know one paratha contains about 260 calories? That’s a lot if you’re on a weight loss diet. However, while parathas with moderate amounts of ghee, butter might seem healthy, the fat content may be higher.

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4. Parathas Can Cause Gastric Issues

Breakfast helps boost your metabolism, so your morning meal initiates a variety of biological processes involved in digestion. Consuming heavy and buttery parathas for breakfast can lead to gastric issues.

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5. Ayurveda Suggests Having A Light Breakfast

Parathas are indeed a heavy option for breakfast. According to Ayurveda, the body is in the process of rejuvenating and expelling waste products in the morning. It is recommended that you  have a light breakfast to boost your metabolism.

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