5 Jobs That Will Let You Have Free Food At Top Restaurants

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Jobs That Will Let You Have Free Food At Top Restaurants

Close your eyes. Do it! Now tell me what comes into view in front of your eyes when I say the following words: Rainbow. Seven colours? Ok. Rain. Tea? Ok. Love? Food? Haha, hey there, foodie mate! I can totally relate to this. I know how annoyed your friends and family are because half your conversations with them surely revolve around food. There is no love like food, and there is no happiness like free food for us. So here are 5 jobs that let you have free food at top restaurants.

Jobs That Get You Free Food At Top Restaurants

1. Food Blogger

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I’m sure you check the reviews below whenever you’re looking for new restaurants.Well, who do you think these people are? They are food bloggers. They are invited by top restaurants and new ones to review their food on the portal. There are no prerequisites for becoming a food blogger other than a love of food.However, some knowledge of digital marketing, blogging, and content creation will be advantageous.The more people like or react to your comment, the more credibility it generates. 

2. Food Critics

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A food critic is very different from a food blogger. A food critic pays attention to the minutest details in the food, from ingredients to flavour, smell, texture, and everything else. You must have read columns by food critics in magazines or on websites. A degree in culinary arts or hotel management can be a plus if you want to evaluate dishes and restaurants as a food critic. You can express your opinion through columns or videos as well. 

3. Food Vlogger

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In this new age, I am sure many of you might just search the name of any new restaurant or restaurants on YouTube. There are many people who make vlogs at restaurants and express their opinions about the food and ambience of the place. They are similar to bloggers who write the views on the portal. You must have good knowledge of digital marketing and videography so that you can make yourself and the place both look good. Restaurants or cafes will frequently send out food for you to review if you have the necessary reach.

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4. Restaurant Mystery Shopper

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You must have heard about mystery shopping. Restaurant mystery shoppers are people who are purposely sent to restaurants and cafes. This is done to check the food quality, time taken to serve the food, staff friendliness, time taken to attend the guest, and hygiene. Many restaurants and cafes use such “secret shoppers” to get an idea about the eatery’s functioning. You visit the restaurant or cafe disguised as a normal customer and test everything. 

5. Michelin Inspector

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If you have watched the movie Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen (2017), you know how important a Michelin star is for a restaurant and the chef. Well, a Michelin star anonymously poses as a normal customer at the restaurant and critically observes the minutest details of the restaurant and the food served. It’s a cross between a food critic and a mystery shopper for restaurants.They review the restaurant with impartiality and are the reason a restaurant gets a Michelin star. Their identities are very private. 

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Which one are you choosing? Let us know below!

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