5 Low-Calorie North Indian Snacks To Pair With Your Chai

by Vinita Jain
5 Low-Calorie North Indian Snacks To Pair With Your Chai

Almost all of us end our hectic days with a cup of masala chai in the evening. Masala Chai with a delicious treat creates the perfect evening. Sometimes, rather than munching on the regular cookies and biscuits, you can try having something healthy. Most of us are unaware of low-calorie Indian treats because it’s so easy to choose fried Indian food with junk food and sugar when hunger or thirst strikes. So, we got you some North-Indian low-calorie snacks that you can pair up with your evening tea.

1. Oats Chivda

If you want to munch on something while having your tea. Then make the healthy oats Chivda at home. Oats Chivda is made from a combination of poha, cornflakes, puffed rice, and basic raw spices. They are healthy, crunchy, and flavorful.

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2. Ragi Cookies

If you love cookies with your tea, then these Ragi cookies are for you. Calcium-rich biscuits with the goodness of ragi. Relish this healthy version of cookies in the most guilt-free way.

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3. Bhelpuri

Another low-calorie flavorful North-Indian snack. You can make bhelpuri with puffed rice and your favorite raw salad ingredients with some spices and chutneys. This tangy and spicy combination will be one of the chatpata snack items to pair with your evening chai.

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4. Besan Cheela

Besan Cheela is a delicious, healthy Indian pancake recipe made from nutty chickpea flour, sweet onions, spicy tomatoes, fragrant spices, and herbs. Add your favorite shredded vegetables to the snacks to make your meal more nutritious. It goes best with a masala chai in the evening.

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5. Masala Palak Bhurji Recipe

Chopped spinach and vegetables are readily available in the kitchen. Add chopped spinach to the scrambled eggs. The whole egg provides a sufficient amount of protein. This can be a quite filling tea-time snack.

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