5 Ways To Convert Currencies While Travelling Abroad

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Ways To Convert Currencies While Travelling Abroad

When you have to travel abroad, there are hundreds of things which will come to mind. From travel itineraries, restaurants to visit, to shopping plans, the list seems endless. Add to this the concerns about converting currencies when abroad. Yes, you can use your debit and credit cards, but why would you want to overspend on transaction fees? Well, here are 5 ways you can convert currencies while travelling abroad. Check it out!

5 Ways To Convert Currencies On Foreign Trips

1. Use Niyo Global Cards

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Picture Credits: Niyo Global Card Website

With Niyo Global cards, you can load your account with Indian rupees. This international travel card lets you use the local currencies of over 150 countries. So, you don’t need to have multi-currency forex cards. Instead, just use this one Niyo Global card for all your foreign purchases. With its partnerships with VISA and SBM Bank India, your travel needs will be taken care of.

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2. Opt For Traveller’s Cheques

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If liquid cash seems cumbersome to carry around during your foreign trips, then opt for a traveller’s cheque. This is a medium of exchange often used in place of cash. All you need to do is present a traveller’s cheque and get local currency in place of it. The best part? In case you lose your traveller’s cheque in a foreign location, it can be replaced.

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3. Buy Foreign Currency Online

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Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can buy and sell foreign currency. Travel portals like Thomas Cook give you the chance to buy foreign currency online. All you need to do is select the currency and denomination you wait. Then enter the remittance purpose with your details. Finally, use your debit card, or credit card to make payments.

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4. Exchange Currency At Foreign Branch Of Your Bank

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If you aren’t a frequent business traveller to a particular destination or own a property there, it doesn’t make much sense to open a foreign bank account. You can still exchange currency at a foreign branch of your bank. For example, HDFC has branches in the UAE, Kenya and Hong Kong. You can pay a fee and get foreign currency in return if they permit.

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5. Foreign Exchange Desks At Airports

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Converting currencies at airports is super convenient. But it’s often left as a last resort as foreign exchange desks offer exorbitantly high fees. So, you can conveniently exchange currency the minute you reach the foreign airport. This is often useful if you didn’t buy foreign currency beforehand.

Well, travellers, keep these 5 ways of converting currencies in mind the next time you fly to an international destination.

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