7 Best Middle Eastern Roast Recipes To Make At Home This Thanksgiving

by Anupriya Mishra
7 Best Middle Eastern Roast Recipes To Make At Home This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is being celebrated on November 23 this year. And roast dishes are often one of the most popular picks for feasts, that are typically enjoyed by families. And one of the best ways to make dishes is the Middle Eastern way. As there are many expats in the Middle East, they might want to celebrate the holiday with their friends. If you happen to be one of them, then you might want to consider making Middle Eastern roast recipes this year. Take a look at these recipes!

Middle Eastern Roast Recipes

1. Egyptian Leg Of Lamb Roast

A recipe perfect for dinner parties and celebrations, this Middle Eastern lamb leg roast recipe is from Egypt. Everyone who relishes lamb-based dishes must try this fantastic recipe. Posted by Middle Eats, this recipe is marinated overnight, so you might want to do some advanced prepping in order to get the flavours right. However, once the marination is done, don’t forget to slow-cook this lamb in a preheated oven.

2. Lebanese Chicken Roast

If you’re someone who likes chicken and wish to make a chicken roast for Thanksgiving dinner, then you might want to check out this recipe for Lebanese Chicken Roast by SooperChef. Easy to make this recipe, it uses just a handful of ingredients that are available at your nearby grocery store. While making the marination for this dish is quite easy, it must be noted that one must leave the chicken aside with marination for at least six hours. After this, it is cooked for about 20 minutes in the oven, which makes this recipe comparatively quicker than others.

3. Chicken Al Faham With Rice

As Middle Eastern dishes are often relished with rice, you might want to try chicken Al Faham, which is Middle Eastern grilled Chicken. Relished best with rice, making this recipe is quite easy, once you have all the necessary ingredients, as mentioned by the Cookd. As it happens, the chef especially recommends, making the spice mix at home, since it will add oodles of flavour to the dish. It’s worth mentioning here that making the rice is also quite easy and once the cooking is complete, don’t forget to serve the dishes along with some freshly tossed salad.

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4. Lamb Mandi And Rice

Mandi is a highly popular dish in the Middle East. And this recipe by Our Yemeni Kitchen walks you through the process of making lamb mandi. A dish which is perfect for celebrity occasions, it will earn you loads of compliments, as the guests are surely going to relish the deep flavours of this meat and rice dish. While the recipe uses simplistic ingredients, it must be noted that the process of cooking the dish must be followed thoroughly, as it will define how the recipe turns out.

5. Arabic Roast Fish

For those who relish seafood, the recipe by How To Cook Great is certainly something worth checking out. Yes, the recipe for Arabic Roast Fish is quite easy and simple to make at home, especially if you wish to make a feast that’s homely and includes dishes that suit your palate. Using easy-to-find ingredients, the chef does mention that you can use any kind of fish for this recipe, a great starter dish or a meal in itself, don’t forget to pair this recipe with some spiced rice for a complete feast.

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6. Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Another lamb-based recipe, this one is by Cookingwithalia. Using lamb leg or shoulder, this recipe especially uses the latter. And it requires you to put Moroccan Charmula over the meat before it is put to roast. So basically like every other recipe, the main flavour source of the dish comes from the marinade, which is prepared with a variety of ingredients that can be found in a typical Arabic household. So, if you also wish to treat your family to a delectable roast meat, which is incredibly tender, then this is a great recipe. As it happens, you can also use leftover juice that has seeped out of the meat onto the tray to make the gravy for topping the final dish.

So, if you also wish to celebrate Thanksgiving and add an Arabic spin to it, make sure to cook up a storm with these drool-worthy Middle Eastern roast recipes and we are sure you will love it.

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