7 Gems Colours, Many Diseases! Man Lists The Dyes Used In Candy Are Banned In Other Countries

by Shreya Ghosh
7 Gems Colours, Many Diseases! Man Lists The Dyes Used In Candy Are Banned In Other Countries

Do you love munching on Gems? Well, who doesn’t? These chocolate buttons have been such a special part of some beautiful memories of our childhood. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of how it is harming our health. If you are wondering that the harmful impact is about affecting our gums and teeth, then you are wrong. The bright colours of these chocolate buttons have the potential to cause several diseases.

Vibrant Colours Of Cadbury Gems Are Potentially Harmful For Health!

Digital creator Adithya Nataraj took to Instagram to share an insightful video pointing out some shocking facts about the different dyes used in manufacturing this chocolate.

Packets of this chocolate are full of pink, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple coloured chocolaty buttons. To make these vibrant sweet treats, manufacturers use a lot of dyes. Sadly, the truth behind these ingredients is harsh and also their impacts are scary. Adithya Nataraj shares the troubling truth of the list of colours and we are truly shocked. If you turn the packet and read the ingredients, you will find an ingredient stating Colours (171, 102, 133, 124, 127, 122, 132, 110).

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All these additions to get the striking bright colors in the chocolate buttons have a high chance of affecting our health. Here’s how.

How Do These Colours Affect Us?

We get Cadbury Gems in most shops in India, be it a roadside stall or a shopping mall. But there are several countries where the dyes are banned.

Picture credit- Canva

Colour 171

  • This white colour’s name is Titanium Dioxide.
  • This is banned in the European Union.
  • It has the possibility to damage DNA.

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Colour 102

  • Known as Tartrazine, it is banned in Austria and Norway.
  • It is yellow in colour.
  • It can sometimes lead to asthma attacks and hyperactivity in kids.

Colour 133

  • Banned in Austria, France, Germany, and Sweden, this colour can impact allergic reactions.
  • Its name is Brilliant Blue FCF.
  • It is blue in colour.

Colours 124, 127, 122

  • All these dyes are prepared from coal tar.
  • It adds a red colour.
  • Banned in Norway and the United States of America, the potential effects are asthma attacks and hyperactivity in kids.

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Colour 132

  • This blue colour’s name is IndiGo Carmine.
  • It is banned in Norway.

Colour 110

  • This is also banned in Norway.
  • Known as Sunset Yellow FCF, it gives a yellow colour.

Unfortunately, you will still get Gems in India.

Are you a fan of Gems? Also, after knowing about all these surprising effects of colours and dyes used in Cadbury Gems, will you eat this chocolate again?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva