8 Essential Tips For Solo Female Travellers Exploring Or Planning To Explore The Globe Alone

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8 Essential Tips For Solo Female Travellers Exploring Or Planning To Explore The Globe Alone

The world of travel has witnessed a remarkable shift in recent years, particularly, when it comes to solo female travellers. This trend has only intensified in the aftermath of the pandemic, as more and more women are embracing the freedom, self-transformation, and adventure that comes with exploring the world on their own terms. Be it uber-luxurious, unexplored, unheard, or challenging destinations, Indian women are venturing out all alone to satiate their thirst for authentic travel experiences. 

The Exponential Rise In Solo Female Travellers

Solo Female Traveller
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According to a report by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, more than half of all single-member overnight domestic trips made in India between 2014 and 2015 were by female travellers. Research states that the number of pins for ‘solo female travel’ on Pinterest has dramatically increased by 350%. 

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A study by Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) suggests that more than 60,000 women have travelled solo between 2018 and 2019. These numbers are sufficient to prove that women are more likely to travel solo than men and are the torchbearers of the Solo Travel revolution in our country. 

Whether you’re looking to celebrate International Women’s Day or are simply interested in curating your own solo travel experience, there’s never been a better time for women to hit international destinations and explore the world. But it’s crucial to prioritise safety and well-being.

In order to alleviate concerns, solo female travellers can follow some of the given simple-yet-essential travel and safety tips to make their international travel the most Instagrammable, transformative, and memorable experience, says Roop Partap Choudhary, Managing Director, Noormahal Palace Hotel and Founder Colonel Saab, London (UK).

Research Your Destination

Travel Research
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Learn as much as you can about the culture, customs, and social norms of the country you plan to visit. This will help you avoid any cultural misunderstandings and help you to blend in more easily. Travel safety begins before the booking process, when it’s time to do your research and choose the right hotel, flight, country, keeping security in mind.

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Luckily, there are many countries that are known to be relatively safe and welcoming to women travelling alone. For instance, Iceland is often cited as one of the safest countries in the world, Japan is another popular destination for solo female travellers, with a culture that places a strong emphasis on respect and safety. Costa Rica is known for its stunning natural beauty and friendly locals, New Zealand and many more.

When planning your trip, it’s always a good idea to research your destination thoroughly. 

Know The Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences Research
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In some cultures, there may be different expectations for how women should dress, behave, or interact with others. This can be stressful for female travellers who may feel like they stand out or are not sure how to navigate these differences. Depending on the country you’re visiting, it may be more appropriate to dress conservatively. This will not only help you blend in but will also help you to avoid unwanted attention.

Use Transportation Wisely

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When using transportation, choose reputable companies and avoid using public transportation at night. If you’re taking a taxi, make sure it’s a licensed taxi and confirm the fare before getting in. Share your cab’s ride details with your friends or family. Always have pepper spray or something to protect yourself in case of an emergency. Consider using a GPS tracking device or a travel safety app to help keep you safe.

Look For A Hotel With Security Standards

Women Friendly Hotels
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Safety is often a top concern for solo female travellers. When we talk about safety, we are not just referring to crime but also to other dangers such as fires, scams, theft, earthquakes etc. and other factors that could possibly put you and your belongings at risk.

Research the area you plan to stay in and book accommodations that are known to be safe and secure. Consider staying in a hostel or hotel that has good reviews from other female travellers. Book hotels that have concierge desks, surveillance cameras, fire safety protocols, security staff and 24-hour reception desks.

Figure Out The Travel Logistics

Travel Logistics
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Travelling can be stressful in general, and the logistics of getting to and from airports, finding accommodations, and planning activities can be particularly challenging for female travellers who are navigating a new place on their own.

Keep your passport, money, and other important documents and valuables in a secure location. Consider using a money belt or a neck wallet to keep your belongings safe while you’re out and about.

Understand and Remove Language barriers

Language barrier
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Language barriers can also make it difficult for female travellers to communicate with locals, which can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, or difficulty navigating unfamiliar places. Take help from guides, or use translation apps or software so you can explain or understand things.

Do Safeguard Yourself

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Women may be more vulnerable to harassment, assault, or theft when travelling alone, particularly in areas with high crime rates or where women’s rights are not well-protected. Scammers or fraudsters see them as easy targets, particularly if they are travelling alone and are perceived as being unfamiliar with local customs or laws. It’s essential to prioritise your safety and well-being while travelling and to seek help or support if you encounter any challenges.

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Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

Research while travelling solo
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Women may face health and wellness challenges while travelling, including illness, injury, or mental health concerns, which can be difficult to navigate alone in an unfamiliar place. Research your surroundings before booking, and look for police stations, hospitals, and markets near your hotels.

Travelling as a solo female can be a very enriching experience for one. By taking these necessary precautions, and doing research ahead of time, women can enjoy a safe and fulfilling travel experience. Solo travelling can be an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience for women.

(This article has been guest authored by Roop Partap Choudhary, Managing Director, Noormahal Palace Hotel and Founder Colonel Saab, London (UK) and has only been edited to suit Curly Tales Editorial Style)

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