8 Lesser Known South Indian Cuisines You Absolutely Must Try!

by Mallika Khurana
8 Lesser Known South Indian Cuisines You Absolutely Must Try!

Majorly known for an intense use of coconut and curry leaves, South Indian cuisine is loved by everyone. A great break from basic daals for every North Indian, idlis and vadas are an absolute treat. If you love South Indian cuisine just as much, it’s time for you to explore all the flavours it has in store for you. Here are the 8 lesser-known South Indian cuisines you have to try!

Lesser-Known South Indian Cuisines

1. Chettinad Cuisine

Chettinad Cuisine
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With ground spices at its core, Chettinad hails from a community called the Nattukotai Chettiars. Using savoury meats, sun-dried vegetables, and black pepper, this cuisine mainly features some really delectable non-vegetarian dishes. Chicken Chettinad is a popular dish from this cuisine that you must definitely try.

2. TamBrahm Cuisine

TamBrahm Cuisine
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Focused on vegetarian dishes, this cuisine comprises a meal that is typically served to Tamil Brahmans or TamBrahms. Catering to six tastes as per Ayurveda, a Tambrahm meal has elements that are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. The meal typically has Payasam and Mor Kuzhambu.

3. Malabari Cuisine

Malabari Cuisine
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Originating in the Malabar region of Kerala, Malabar cuisine is popular for its use of traditional spices like turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. This cuisine is also popular for its significant use of coconut in dishes. Their Thattu Dosa and Crab Roast are a must-try!

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4. Coorg Cuisine

Coorg Cuisine
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Inspired by the local cuisine of Coorg, this cuisine mainly features rice. Their dosas and rotis are also made with rice. Another South Indian cuisine with non-vegetarian dishes dominating it, a lot of dishes of this cuisine are cooked in coconut oil. Kadambattu and Koli Kari are their most popular dishes.

5. Old Mysore Cuisine

Old Mysore Cuisine
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Another name for South Karnataka Cuisine, this cuisine is all about millets and rice. Sweet and sour curries reside at the heart of old Mysore cuisine and are mainly served with steamed rice. The much-loved Mysore Pak is one of the best offerings of this cuisine.

6. Coastal Karnataka Cuisine

Coastal Karnataka Cuisine
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Popular for the use of ghee in cooking, coastal Karnataka cuisine is mostly about coastal delicacies, of course. The dishes from this cuisine are known for their garlicky and peppery flavours. Do try their Chicken Sukka and Prawn Curry.

7. Mappila Cuisine

Mappila Cuisine
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A delectable fusion of food from Arab and Kerala, Mappila Cuisine is an innovation everyone must experience. It is known that breads are as essential in Arab cuisine as rice is for Keralites. Hence, Pathiri was introduced, a bread made with rice.

8. Udupi Cuisine

Udupi Cuisine
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Revolving around grains and vegetables cooked with firewood, Udupi cuisine is one of the lesser-known South Indian cuisines. This cuisine is also known for its prominent use of jaggery in cooking, which brings out a mildly sweet flavour in every dish. The Masala Dosa we all love so much came from Udupi cuisine.

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