A Chinese Food Blogger Gets Fined ₹15 Lakhs For Buying & Eating White Shark Illegally In A Now-Deleted Video

by Shreya Ghosh
A Chinese Food Blogger Gets Fined ₹15 Lakhs For Buying & Eating White Shark Illegally In A Now-Deleted Video

We have often seen digital creators and many YouTubers going beyond the extent to make videos, getting millions of views, and trying to get viral on the Internet. Such an example of a similar scenario is a video shared by a Chinese food blogger named Tizi. She is a famous YouTuber who is popular on social media for making mukbang videos where she is seen attempting many food challenges and eating lots of weird food items. One of her videos with a white shark caused her a massive punishment.

Tizi Got Fined A Huge Amount Of ₹15 Lakhs Because Of Posting A Now-Deleted Video Of A White Shark

White shark
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Tizi shared a video of doing extreme food challenges as usual but little did she know that she will soon land in huge trouble for making this video. She shared this troublesome viral video on video platforms named Douyin and Kuaishou and it soon went viral. She recorded the video cooking a massive white shark of about 6.6 foot in this video. Then, she cut and sliced the huge shark fish and later cooked it in this bizarre food challenge video. Also, the food blogger boiled the head of the fish in the broth and roasted its tail.

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Not only the hefty fine but making this video also cost her a lot. She bought the white shark illegally and spent about 7,700 yuan (₹93,205.71) to purchase it, according to a report by Bloomberg. Tizi bought it from the Taobao shopping site of Alibaba.

What Is The Reason Behind This Huge Fine?

This whole incident is a prime example of illegal actions. Tizi did this back in April 2022. When the authorities of the Sichuan region of China got to know about this, she has been imposed a massive fine of ₹15 lakhs, leaving a humongous dent in her pocket. Tizi broke the wildlife protection laws of the country. Hence, this action was taken against her.

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The Wild Animal Protection Law puts an end to any sort of buying, selling, and transportation of this vulnerable white shark. And if the authorities find anyone in charge of these crimes, they can punish the alleged ones with huge fines and even ten years in prison.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library