A Majestic Art Mural Of 25 Countries Stands Tall At King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Airports unveils 'Our Heritage, Our Identity' mural.

by Deeplata Garde
A Majestic Art Mural Of 25 Countries Stands Tall At King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia

In a collaborative effort between Riyadh Airports and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, the newly inaugurated “Our Heritage, Our Identity” mural at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh stands as a testament to cultural diversity and artistic richness.

Celebrating Civilization Through Bricks

The mural’s intricate bricks serve as a visual tapestry, each highlighting the uniqueness, artistry, and distinctiveness of various civilizations. Crafted by visitors from the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s participating delegation during its 45th session in Riyadh, a total of 401 bricks tell a story of interconnection, cohesion, and the enduring strength of heritage and civilization.

Deepening Cultural Roots

This artistic creation aligns with modern standards while deepening the national identity conveyed by traditional arts. By showcasing the timeless beauty and civilization reflected in these artworks, the mural aims to promote traditional arts both locally and globally.

A Tapestry Of Global Arts

Representing 25 countries, the mural weaves together a tapestry of traditional arts that transcend borders. Each detail symbolizes the broader themes of unity and the significance of preserving cultural heritage. It is an artful reflection of the global strength found in holding onto one’s roots.

Saudi Heritage In Focus

Among the diverse traditional arts featured, the mural proudly showcases traditional Saudi arts. The renowned Sadu art, with its profound artistic depth and national spirit, intertwines with the fragrant Rose of Taif brick and the authentic touch of the Hasawi Bisht brick, creating a captivating fusion of Saudi heritage.

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Cultural Showcase For Travellers

Strategically placed within King Khalid International Airport, the mural welcomes and bids farewell to visitors, offering them a unique glimpse into a diverse array of traditional world arts. Riyadh Airport’s commitment to this display reflects its dedication to showcasing cultural richness and heritage to travelers in Riyadh.

Preserving Tradition With The Royal Institute

In collaboration with the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, this initiative plays a pivotal role in preserving national identity and enriching Saudi traditional arts. By promoting cultural heritage, supporting local talents, and encouraging the learning and development of traditional arts, the Royal Institute contributes to preserving and evolving Saudi Arabia’s rich artistic traditions.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/Riyadh Airports

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